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  1. I remember that show, chad. It was a pretty good show.
  2. Yeah that stuff is crazy. They're like oh there's a space that's not covered let's go cover it up with an advertisement so people might buy our stuff.
  3. That's cool. This is a bunch of stocks blended together to make a space beach.
  4. Sorry about the rule guys. Just thought it would be better to see some sigs that weren't just renders with effects. C'mon use your imagination.
  5. Lol. That's funny Frontcannon. I wish I could do that.....not.
  6. AFG, that is fantastic. I love the trees, the yin-yang, and well everything else too. Really nice work. Nice one Ryberg. Looks like an underwater something. Really cool.
  7. Like the vignette one too. Would save a lot of time when making some of my sigs. Thanks a lot man!
  8. That would be pretty cool. I wish I had an iPod touch. Maybe next year.
  9. I just realized that I haven't commented on your gallery at all. That's pretty surprising. Oh well. As you know, I love your artwork and I hope you continue to impress us everyday.
  10. After I moved into the city, I haven't seen much wildlife lately. I used to see deer, wild turkey, coyotes, and lots of other animals around the house. I don't see that much anymore. I did see a few blue birds the other day and that was pretty neat. Actually, the only animal I see on a regular basis is my dog. But he's pretty cool.
  11. Thanks. I hope people will like the theme. If not, tough. Lol Jk
  12. So you thought I was joking, did you? Well, I'm on a plane over there right now. If I could just find my rope......
  13. I think Blooper suggested everything that needs to be done to it. Mine is Ghost from MW2.
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