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  1. I think I might just start using PDN again because of this update.
  2. Same here. Always gets me into a cubing mood (10.92 PB now btw ).
  3. Thanks Yusuf Zah, this makes me want to write tuts again .
  4. So what is the deal with PDN4 ETA wise? 2013 maybe?
  5. Got to round 63 in Kino Der Toten zombies a few days ago.
  6. I'm curious as to which version you guys think is better, this next more shadowed version or my last post:
  7. If Rick had such a plan, I'd support PDN being closed-source.
  8. I'm not dead...not yet.

  9. A quick question on 4.0 Rick, can you select more than one layer at once?
  10. Looks awesome, but I think it'd be better if the text was all in front. Then again that's just my opinion.
  11. There are generally more sad moments to life than happy ones when you think about it.
  12. So what new features will make it into 4.0 (most likely)?
  13. I used to have a phone in 4th grade and another one prob around 8th grade but nothing now. I never call anyone.
  14. yeah thats not something easy to fix in PDN but im workin on it. And I have another update: the record has dropped to 11.89 seconds.
  15. I have somewhere around 150 and it still works fine, just starts a bit slower.
  16. Latest rubik's cube PB: 12.97 seconds. set on: good ole' Alpha V
  17. From the NHS school computers. Im sure wifi at home would be much worse...
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