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  1. theadamgaskins, what is the name of the font you have used? It's beautiful.
  2. I don't mean to bump anyone's post, but I'm trying to help the new people coming on PDN. Many people refer to do a "Search" and never give information as where to find the correct/best place to search. I was on PDN for a year before someone gave me the place....here > http://www.getpaint.net/search.html I was using the search in the upper, right corner of the forum and was running around in circles wearing myself out. Like I say, just trying to help the newbies.
  3. Nice tutorial. Has a lot of possibilities. Here's mine....
  4. Like the tutorial. My first try...
  5. Great Tutorial. I dropped mine....
  6. Excellent tutorial and very easy to follow. Here's my try....
  7. SeriousSam , I have your plugin installed under Effects and I can't get any file loaded or how/where do I draw a stick man? I have used "Pivot Stickfigure Animator" , made some stickmen which are .stk files and they will not load into your plugin. I'm at a loss as to what file type it will load. Will you please give me some guidance to get started? Thanks, Robert Edit: I didn't download >>>>File comment: VS2008 C# Solution PdnAnimateControlSln.zip [134.14 KiB] Downloaded 535 times <<<< Should this be downloaded?
  8. rtargo20


    These all look so delicious...can't you just taste them!!!! Good Tutorial Crisp Choclate Rich Choclate Carmel
  9. Madjik, Hope I'm posting my question in the right place, but I've tried many times in Shape 3D to reduce the distance as noted... please help.
  10. A Lily in a Drop. MadJik this is a great tutorial. You continue to be amazing. Flower....
  11. Very good tutorial and easy to follow. My try....
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