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  1. I have one It looks quite retarded xD But it's quite cool riding in a 'green' forest
  2. Inimene, kes naeratab, kui asjad ei lähe hästi, mõtles kellestkist keda võib selles süüdistada 0_o Translate : Faith: not wanting to know what is true.
  3. Härra, minu südames oli mingisugune kaklus, mis ei lastnud mul magada. Translate : “No comment” is a comment.
  4. @HELEN - thanks Since most of the people like space pictures I'll try to make more of them ^^
  5. Chrisco97's signature is really cool. Simple and beautiful 7/10. My new entry ( I fail at making signatures -.-) Hidden Content:
  6. I managed to make it only thanks to your tutorial So, yeah, thanks for the tutorial ^^
  7. I like your signature But the "gates" seem to have a wrong angle I mean the Panel with text goes from left to right (left-down right- up) But the gates go from right to left.
  8. "В этом прощание, нету крови, нету алиби, потому-что я вытощил сожаления из правды тысячи лжи..." Barely managed to translate Translate : Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?
  9. Спокойствие это добродетель, если использовать его правильно, то он приведет к великим поступкам. Translate : People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within. ) P.S. Good luck translating
  10. That's what I ended up with Looks fancy in my opinion ) Hidden Content:
  11. 1. What's my mood like right now? Comatose (hmmm... interesting ) 2. How's tomorrow going to be for me? Black Abyss (...I don't want tomorrow) 3. What kind of person am I? Lonely Day (My Player understands my feelings ) 4. Am I loved? Perfect Insanity (Is that a No ? ) 5. How can I achieve my highest potential? Thrown Away (Well that's promising) 6. What should I do with my life? The Poison (is that a synonym to 'commit a suicide' ? ) 7. Is everything really going to be alright in the end? Between Angels And Insects ( I hope I'll get to go to the Angels ^_^) 8. What is my best quality? Greed (*sigh* My player hates me...) 9. How does my social life look? Knife Called Lust (*Sigh* what did I just say ? ) 10. What's the meaning of life? The Party Song (These answers are making me depressed >.>) 11. What do people think of me? Open Wounds (I think that's not good ?) 12. How crazy am I? Classico (No comments) 13. Where will I be a year from now? Alone I Break (Now that looks promising ) 14. What is my fondest wish? Inside The Fire (Does he mean that my wish is to be burned like a witch ? 0_o) P.S. My Player is a meanie 15. How did my parents meet? Sell Your Soul (*Depressed*) 16. What will I dream about tonight? Faint (So I won't be dreaming tonight ? ) 17. What should I be working on right now? I Try So Hard (Aha...) 18. What's my roommate up to currently? Breath (Now that's surprising ) 19. What did I do last weekend? Tribute (My Player isn't such a meanie after all ) 20. Describe me. Tears Don't Fall (Maybe...) 21. What does my music player think of me? The Gift (No way... it actually said something good ^_^ )
  12. Oleks parem kui Indianapolis coltsid v6idaksid Baltimore Ravernsitelt v6i muidu! Translate : Have no fear of perfection–you’ll never reach it. ^^
  13. Is that even possible to make ? 0_o Your realistic pictures are out of this world (my opinion). Especially the heart one ^^ Keep up the God-like work
  14. Here's my go at it Great tutorial btw ^_^ Hidden Content:
  15. @barbieq25 - Thanks I can make one for you (the same idea as the bicycle but your pick of object ) ^^ @HELEN - I'll try to do my best ^^
  16. Well you can use the "Magic Wand" tool (click on the area you want to be selected, play with tolerance to make it perfect) You can also use curved lines to select it (Draw it on a new layer, the curved lines, and then use the magic wand to select the area within the curved lines you drew, then click back onto the 1st layer and press 'delete') You can simply use eraser at 1pixel Good luck I can remove it for you if you want to Just PM me.
  17. My new signature I know it's not as interesting as other pictures (I mean the pictures that other people make) but still I'll post it Hidden Content:
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