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Cool Looking Orb Tut

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it


I hope you like this.


Okay, the plugins you will need are:


Inside Out

Zoom Blur Deluxe


Anyway here is a finished product:



Anyway, lets begin.


1. Open a blank canvas (any size) and use Paint Bucket (:PaintBucket:) tool to fill it in completely black.


2. Make a New Layer (:LayersAddNewLayer:). Use Julia Fractal (:JuliaFractalEffect:) effect (Effects > Render > Julia Fractal) with the following settings.



Note: Here play with the colors using Color Tint (Effects > Color > Color Tint) or Curves (Adjustments > Curves (Curves-Icon.png) to make more interesting orbs.


3. Use Zoom Blur Deluxe effect with the following settings.



4. Use the Inside Out effect and you should come up with this.



Addition: Apply AA's_Assistant  (Effects > Object > AA's_Assistant) effect if you are not satisfied with the white outline around the orb


and you get this result



5. Create a New Layer (:LayersAddNewLayer:) and use Paint Bucket (:PaintBucket:) tool to fill it in with white. (Yes it's all white now but don't worry we'll fix it.)


6. Go to the Layer Properties (:LayersLayerProperties:) or press F4 and select the Overlay blending mode. Remember we are still in Layer 3.



7. Flatten (:LayersMergeLayerDown:) the image (first Layer 2 and Background, then Layer 3 and Background). BUT WAIT: IMPORTANT! If you are going to play with the settings of the orb leave it on a seperate layer.


8. Use some glow and play around with it. I got many different results. Hope you liked this tutorial as it was my first THANK YOU! Also remember to keep the orb on a seperate layer if you are going to fiddle with it



Addition: You can apply other effects to make the image more colorful. Below is an example of applying the Radial Prism (Effects > Color > Radial Prism)effect to a colored image.



In step 2, you can also apply any other effect that generates a pattern (for example: Clouds (:CloudsEffect:),  or Turbulence (Turbulence-Icon.png), or Julia Plus effect, or some other effects from the MadJik' all plugins pack by @MadJik, or other authors).


Add-ons and editing by ReMake.


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Sorry about that I really tried to find it but I couldn't.

[EDIT] Wait I think I found it. I believe it is in the Ed-Harvey effects or The T-Jackson Effects Thats all I know at the moment soz

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The outcome looks so awesome, but it's kinda pointless if you don't have the plugin (which I don't) D:

do you not have a search button on your screen? that is how most of us find the plugins.


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An intriguing effect I acquired from using more layers of white then making them overlay. Afterwards I made a new layer and used steps 2-4 except with a mandelbot fractal. Using a mode of darken. Then I used steps 5+6.


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A little extra for my last post play with the mode a little bit. You will get a variety of cool effects. Also tell everyone about this tutorial I at least want some people to look at it.

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34 minutes ago, ReMake said:

It's nice to know that old simple tutorials can be interesting.


I like the fact that the 'simple' tuts allow you to experiment a bit more ... plus it's nice to support people when they write/ resurrect tut's and do things you may not possibly do in PDN usually.   @Woodsy's text tut' next - now that one I really can't get to grips with. Never did.  Yet.  I will even if it breaks me ...


One more go ...





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Here's my go at it:




Many possibilities with some simple tweaks.  Love it!


Everyone's 'orbs' are just beautiful!  <3


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