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  1. With the text tool selected, press & hold the alt key down & type 0169. Now release the alt key. Presto :!: A longer method is the WhichSymbol plugin (link in my sig). Note: Text is almost always best on its own, otherwise transparent, layer.
  2. With the text tool selected, press & hold the alt key down & type 0169. Now release the alt key. Presto :!: A longer method is the WhichSymbol plugin (link in my sig). Note: Text is almost always best on its own, otherwise transparent, layer.
  3. Smaller selections should move faster than large ones. I always make large "moves" with the mouse first, and then fine tune the final position with the arrow keys. If you're suffering delays, it is most likely performance is poor because of lack of memory (mentioned above) and/or the selection/layer size is quite large. NB having a number of images open at once will also eat up memory! The bigger the images, the worse it will be. Try opening a single image with a modest number of layers and see if the delays are the same.
  4. Well spotted! Thanks for the update Simon. I have updated the plugin accordingly and added it to the first post.
  5. The WinXX accessory Charmap does not list usable characters below 32. Neither does Word when you "Insert Symbol" (hardly scientific I know...,). As far as I know, these are special system characters like linefeed (10) and carriage return (13), so I'm not sure that it is desirable to have users accessing the area below character 32. I have no problem with you adding the changes you like. Also, I would have not had a problem giving you the source, but you found an alternative :wink: Simon Brown wrote much of that source however, so I think you should PM him to be sure he has no problems with what you're doing. As far as releasing your changes, I would prefer to keep the plugin in it's current state. Feel free to provide a link your version so users can access it if they wish. Oh and I found it a little more user friendly to leave the character number and size inputs enabled, rather than disabling them with the checkbox.
  6. Here is my reasoning: numbers below 32 don’t yield symbols or characters, so we can discard having to draw them. The largest character number is 256. This gives us 256 – 31 = 225 characters to display. Now 16x14 columns gives us 224 positions for the characters. That's one less than we need If we use 15x15* we get the full 225 characters, no overlap, and nothing missed as 15 = SQRT(225). Yes I could recode the plugin to make the columns vs rows adjustable. No, I’m not going to. Sorry. The source to the original (codelab) plugin is still hanging around my hard-drive. If you want to fiddle with it yourself, just let me know and I'll send it to you. *I think you might have missed one column when you counted them :wink:
  7. Hi Harold, Thank you for your suggestion. I wrote the columns and rows that way in order to preserve the decimal notation used in the alt + number key combinations. For example, when using the text tool (Arial font) Alt + 0169 generates the © character. When you call up the Arial font in WhichSymbolPlus, © can be found in position 166 +3 = 169. I thought preserving this format would be easier for users who switch between the two character input systems. The problem with base 10 is that the number of rows is going to be over 20 if we limit the width to just 10 columns. I tried a number of combinations before I decided the square layout would probably fit most canvasses best. Method in my madness
  8. I don't see that as a bad thing. Many plugins have been reworked by a different developer who has different ideas from the original author. I think this idea still has merit though, it lets developers know who to bounce ideas off.
  9. Sonofagun. Late to the party as usual I wanted to help take this guy down....,
  10. I'm not sure that VB 2008 Express allows post-build events. I know C# Express does, but in VB there is no corresponding "Build Events" tab under "Project Properties". So unless I'm being thick about this, I just copy the *.dll manually after each build. Does anyone have a workaround for this in VB Express? It would be very useful to know...,
  11. That's right, a *.dll is not going to run by itself. In this case we need PDN to load and run it. So we can build it but not run it from the VB IDE. After you build it, copy the *.dll to / (you'll find the *.dll located in the project's Bin/Debug folder). Now when you start PDN, it will find the *.dll and load it into the Effects menu. Note that you will need to restart PDN after each build to make sure the most recent build loads.
  12. Wait, you UNZIPPED it? I thought that was undesireable? jchunn specifically warned against this in the original post: I have got the template working under VB2008, but I don't recall getting the problem you have mentioned. Try not unzipping the template and see where this gets you.
  13. Hi Dave, As per my previous post: 1. go and grab a copy of CARR Electronic font. The link to that font is in the text of the message. 2. Tips for installing fonts can be found here. 3. Click the link in my sig to go to the WhichSymbol thread and download that plugin. 4. Plugin installation tips by BoltBait can be found here 5. Run WhichSymbol+ and you'll get access to all the symbols, like this From this screen you can draw any of the symbols at any size you wish. Note that you should probably put each symbol on a new layer so you can resize and move them independantly. You can merge the layers when you're finished. Hope this helps!
  14. There is a neat font on called "Carr Electronic" by Alan Carr. It has a load of electronic symbols in it, including logic gates. If you downloaded and installed this font, you would be able to type them onto your image using the text tool.
  15. Equally playing random levels on Halo 1 & 2. Interspersed is the odd bash at Doom III just for variety. I lust after a 360, and Christmas is just around the corner...,
  16. Just by way of clarification; How would a pen tool differ from what's already on offer with the pencil/paintbrush tools?
  17. Chuck Norris does not write plugins. PDN does what he wants, when he wants it.
  18. Chuck Norris does not 'release' software. His software 'escapes', leaving a bloody trail of designers and quality assurance people in its wake. (pinched from
  19. As of 2pm today, XP SP3. Thanks again Rick for the links. They worked brilliantly! SP3 installed without any problems...,
  20. Wow! Nice mini-tutorial! I vote that this gets moved to the tutorials area, asap.
  21. There is also this plugin, which does shadows like on google maps: viewtopic.php?p=13957#p13957 Note the part where it says: That means that the part ot the image you wish to have a shadow should be the only thing on the layer. And don't forget that the shadowing process can be destructive, so duplicate the layer, and apply shadow the bottom of the two layers.