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  1. I don't recall a specific snow plugin, but a quick search found these threads detailing a couple of snow making techniques: viewtopic.php?p=211474#p211474 viewtopic.php?p=29759#p29759 Remember, his URL is your friend >>
  2. You posted this exact post just four days ago and it was immediately locked. Haven't you read the post that followed your original post?
  3. Try: Icon Archive although there are loads of others.
  4. Amen to what Minoeman just said. I don't want to repeat your abbreviation, but if it means what I think it does then you should remove it from this family friendly forum. Seriously.
  5. Yes, can do. And so can you :!: First, SEARCH for the "fire effect" plugin (by Tom Jackson). Read mini-tutorial in the opening post Download and install the plugin Open PDN Open your image Add a new layer Create the shape of your flame in black and then BLUR it Run the Fire plugin Any problems: FIRST read the entire thread where the plugin was posted :wink:
  6. You are most welcome! Don't forget that pressing F1 (with Paint.NET running) will take you to the online helpfiles - that is where that information on the gradient tool was located. There is a wealth of information there.
  7. 1. Select the gradient tool 2. On the toolbar, select the Linear (Reflected) icon (second from left) 3. Drag the start/finish nubs over the canvas (top to bottom). The gradient is drawn with the primary/secondary colors depending on which mouse button you use when you click and drag the nubs. Here's the link to the helpfile:
  8. Select the top most layer and merge sequentially down the list of layers. Sounds like you may have had the bottom layer selected, in which case there was nothing below it to merge the layer onto.
  9. A little offering from a year or two back Hidden Content: TrinaryDual Angels watch o’er a man Contesting his affections, Pull they not he in unison, Rending different directions. Fervently pray he one the stronger, And whisk away his heart, Lest it be torn betwixt asunder, And each receiveth but a part.
  10. Layers allow us to separate different elements of an image for independant editing of those elements. If you want to retain the possibility of editing individual layers at a later stage then simply save your image as a *.PDN. This native Paint.NET format preserves all the layer information (minus History :wink: ). If you're done editing and just want to combine/merge (aka "flatten") the layers you can either merge them together individually (there's an icon in the LAYERS window - hover over it for a tool tip), or use File>>Save as and specify a single layer image (*.GIF or *Jpeg for example). I use both these methods to save two versions of the image, the first is editable, and the second for use on websites or where ever.
  11. If your characters have a continuous outline, and the inside of the of each character is a one color (or similar shades), then you can select the inside and treat it like any regular selection. E.G. select the inside with the magic wand tool :MagicWandTool:and then apply the gradient to the selected region. If the selection bleeds into the outline (or outside it), try reducing the magic wand tolerance and re-selecting. If I've got the wrong end of the stick, give us a sample picture to look at and I'm sure someone will give you a quick solution.
  12. Watermarks are placed on images intentionally, not accidentally. They are there for a reason. Generally that reason is to limit use of the image or to identify the owner. In your case the former applies. As BoltBait has implied, the photographer doesn't want you to use this image. So don't :wink:
  13. I assume the problem is installing PDN and not the NET framework? If you have NET 2.0 installed, PDN should be OK as 2.0 is the minimum requirement (3.5 is recommended and will soon be required, but not just yet). Check out your current NET installation: I'd install the NET framework first.
  14. And I bet there are a lot more informal designers in the member ranks. People like me who dabble as a sideline but don't make a living off it :wink: are unrestricted & allow commercial use. Where are you looking for your templates?
  15. .... and the final step would be to merge the two layers together. But, if you wish to keep this two layer setup (so you can re-edit the image), do not merge the layers together instead just save as a *.pdn (this native format preserves the layer structure).
  16. This subject has been raised before: Request - Rain Filter/Snow Filter. The ideas expounded in that thread are quite simple to achieve in a few easy steps. One of the later posts also gives a link to a Snow Tutorial (the author is Rainshadow). For the dew, especially if you're looking for a closeup of a single drop, try this tutorial: Waterdrop tutorial by Eraesr Welcome to the forum!
  17. Both laptop and desktop are on when I'm in front of them, and off when I'm not. The only exception is a defrag which I leave running & check back periodically until it's finished.
  18. @dangever: I like your style very much! It looks too wide for an avatar, and a bit small for a sig - did you make it specifically for that size or was the size an arbitrary choice? Only part that doesn't "gel" for me is the light area immediately below the top left face. The brightness there obscures the small face and there is a hard line to the right of this bright area. Here's something I've been working on, a stereogram sig! My question is this: Is this just too obscure to use, or will people "get it"?
  19. Check if the .NET framework is installed on the second computer: PDN won't run without at least 2.0 installed and 3.5 is highly recommended.
  20. Try this plugin: Isolate Lineart. It was developed for exactly this situation - making images with transparent backgrounds from pencil drawings. Another option might be this plugin: Tanel's Color to Alpha.
  21. Many happy returns David. I hope you have a wonderful day!
  22. I don't know that any of mine are worthy, but you have my full support regardless. It's an excellent idea Simon.
  23. Just bear in mind that removing the lines is going to leave some gaps in the mans' image (I am assuming this is a one layer image?). Clone Stamp tool :CloneStamp: will help fill these in again, but you're going to have to spend some time filling in the missing detail.
  24. If you know C# grab a copy of Codelab and begin coding plugins! BoltBait has a number of incredibly useful tutorials and helpfiles on his website (follow the Codelab link in his sig - or my sig).
  25. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but using the wand with a tolerance of 0% and flood mode of global should select every instance of your (clicked on) target colour. Isn't that right? If I'm correct, then once you have your selection, the above post by Zagna shows us where to find the number of currently selected pixels. Is this not easier than writing a plugin or am I missing something?