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  1. Is the book still relevant with the current version of PDN? If not, is there the potential for an updated edition anytime soon?
  2. Be sure to check out the updated version of "Varicose" by MadJik here.
  3. I had a problem with that as well... I eventually had to create another layer for the other gradient and then flatten after... otherwise it kept overwriting the first one... and yes, I was careful to end the gradient session... not sure what I was doing wrong.
  4. I have seen this before. Take a look at this post if you are getting doubles in the menu and see if that solves it. I have considered this in the past. I don't think it is a bad idea... in fact I agree that it is a good idea. Two requests is enough for me to get the hint. It will take me about a half hour to do. I'll split them up with my next update. I am working on another effect, so when that is done (probably this weekend) I'll post a version with the dll's seperated out.
  5. No. I may split them up in a future build, but for now they are all together.
  6. Minor bug fixes March 8, 2008.
  7. Okay, I've made another performance change. Rick, if you get the time, I'd like to know what the results of that same test look like with the latest (March 8, 2008 or newer) version. I realize you are not my personal QC team... but if you get the chance I'd be interested in the difference in the scenario quoted above. Any further performance gains would require some serious changes.
  8. Thanks for putting these together... I haven't even seen some of these... now I have them all Very nice, by the way.
  9. Were you using the latest version (with the "blur limit" setting)?
  10. Updates today: Updated "Soften Edges" to have better performance, several new settings, and MUCH better effect. Updated "Focal Point" with new setting / performance enhancement.
  11. Updated original post: Added "Soften Edges" which attempts to detect edges and soften them. Updated "Focal Point" to be more efficient and added a quality setting.
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