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  1. Is the book still relevant with the current version of PDN? If not, is there the potential for an updated edition anytime soon?
  2. Be sure to check out the updated version of "Varicose" by MadJik here.
  3. Is there an option to allow portions of layers that sit outside of the viewport to be visible during editing? I have attached an example of what I mean. If not, I would like to propose that as an option.
  4. Good post Jinx, and I look forward to seeing a plugin from you.
  5. The code works. Did you read the entire post (the post with the download link)? Is Paint.Net installed in the default location (c:\program files\paint.net)? The project is set up with a build action to copy the compiled dll to the "c:\program files\paint.net\effects" folder. If that folder is not there, you will have problems. If the folder is there, and Paint.Net is running, you will also have problems since (as Pyro pointed out) the dll will be in use by Paint.Net and therefore cannot be replaced. If you follow ALL of the instructions, then when you run your application, it will automatically copy the dll to the folder and then run Paint.Net for you, with your plugin in the menu. If you did not install Paint.Net to the default location, then you either need to remove the build action (and manually copy the dll to the effects folder when you want to test it), or modify it to point to the correct folder based on where you installed Paint.Net.
  6. Your problems are sounding a lot like bad ram. I lived with IE locking up for months before I finally did a ram check and discovered a bad chip. It would be worthwhile to take your pc by BestBuy (or some better place) and having the tech check the ram. I have had very similar problems in the past and a new ram chip fixed it right up. Good luck.
  7. It is not stickied at the time of this post... the VB template DOES exist however, and can be found at THIS LINK. I have written several plugins using VB. Look in the plugin publishing forum for Jesse Chunn Plugin Pack, all written in VB.
  8. Sorry, but I've searched, and I can't find the dds plugin source. Edit... Nevermind... I am not sure why the search didn't find it... but I found it.
  9. Good job Tendercrisp... that's how to help someone. I learned something too
  10. Start by trying the magic wand. If that doesn't do it for you, try the "Color Replace" plugin in the Jesse Chunn plugin pack.
  11. I had a problem with that as well... I eventually had to create another layer for the other gradient and then flatten after... otherwise it kept overwriting the first one... and yes, I was careful to end the gradient session... not sure what I was doing wrong.
  12. Working on some interesting techniques and wound up with this... thought it was good enough to post (all PDN, of course). This is all using effects and adjustments and tools... no hand drawing.
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