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  1. Both laptop and desktop are on when I'm in front of them, and off when I'm not. The only exception is a defrag which I leave running & check back periodically until it's finished.
  2. @dangever: I like your style very much! It looks too wide for an avatar, and a bit small for a sig - did you make it specifically for that size or was the size an arbitrary choice? Only part that doesn't "gel" for me is the light area immediately below the top left face. The brightness there obscures the small face and there is a hard line to the right of this bright area. Here's something I've been working on, a stereogram sig! My question is this: Is this just too obscure to use, or will people "get it"?
  3. Check if the .NET framework is installed on the second computer: PDN won't run without at least 2.0 installed and 3.5 is highly recommended.
  4. Try this plugin: Isolate Lineart. It was developed for exactly this situation - making images with transparent backgrounds from pencil drawings. Another option might be this plugin: Tanel's Color to Alpha.
  5. Many happy returns David. I hope you have a wonderful day!
  6. I don't know that any of mine are worthy, but you have my full support regardless. It's an excellent idea Simon.
  7. Just bear in mind that removing the lines is going to leave some gaps in the mans' image (I am assuming this is a one layer image?). Clone Stamp tool :CloneStamp: will help fill these in again, but you're going to have to spend some time filling in the missing detail.
  8. If you know C# grab a copy of Codelab and begin coding plugins! BoltBait has a number of incredibly useful tutorials and helpfiles on his website (follow the Codelab link in his sig - or my sig).
  9. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but using the wand with a tolerance of 0% and flood mode of global should select every instance of your (clicked on) target colour. Isn't that right? If I'm correct, then once you have your selection, the above post by Zagna shows us where to find the number of currently selected pixels. Is this not easier than writing a plugin or am I missing something?
  10. There is this thread (ignore the title and read the contents) viewtopic.php?p=112972#p112972. Helio's post will lead you to alpha masking tutorials by CMD. These are excellent!! Then there are these plugins that might help: Rounded Rectangle - Dan9298 Rounded Rectangle - Curtis' plugin pack
  11. Looks like a rounded rectangle, plus a subtle gradient fill top to bottom then apply something like BoltBaits bevel selection. The final step would be overlaying another rounded rectangle with just the outline (no fill) drawn. I'm not at a copy of PDN at the moments so no specific steps I'm afraid.
  12. You are familiar with the CSS elements line-height and letter-spacing aren't you? p { line-height: 140%; letter-spacing: -3px; }
  13. Usually the "free" services only allow you to inherit the URL from the parent company. This means you might end up with a URL like: ( works this way). Be somewhat cautious of the "free" services, often they insist on their pound-of-flesh in the form of intrusive advertising (110mb does not, which is why I tend to recommend it for free hosting). Yes hosting can be free under these circumstances. If you choose to subscribe to a service (subscriptions are generally very reasonable and remove the advertising) I recommend you consider a hosting company that is based in your country, or select a company that you consider trustworthy.
  14. Amen to that! Get yourself a good editor; Notepad++ or PSPad both seem popular.
  15. It fails badly on my personal scale for two reasons: 1. Opening/intro screen - I hate them and there is no clickable option to bypass it 2. Over 30 seconds and the intro still hadn't downloaded. I know my dial-up is slow, but it ain't that slow! UK govt standards for govt webpages recommends a homepage not exceed 40kb. This site is simply too slow for me. I'll look again from work and see if I change my mind.
  16. Perhaps the easiest intro to web design is modifying an up-and-running template. Try here for a load of nice templates: These templates all come with basic graphics, so just pick one where you like the layout and modify the graphics to suit your style. The only rider for these template is that you link back to the original source. Thats a very reasonable request!
  17. This plugin allows you to insert a symbol from a font onto the current layer. Think of it like a single character version of the text tool. Which symbol are you having trouble recreating, and what is the font you're using? Font "Wingdings" has a rose symbol, character numbers 123 or 124 if this helps.
  18. There is a simple watermark tutorial which might prove useful: viewtopic.php?p=15417#p15417, especially since you're "marking the water" :wink: (sorry, couldn't resist)
  19. If you already have pictures of people, you could stretch & shrink bits of them to give you a basic body shape (dwarves & their limbs are short & wide, elves are tall & thin, etc...,). The Real Car --> Toy Car tutorial might be worth a look for the technique: viewtopic.php?p=44658#p44658
  20. Sounds like you need the polaroid collage tutorial. Don't be put off by the title, it is easily adapted to any type of photo collage. Here's the link: viewtopic.php?p=100555#p100555
  21. Or a transparent background option? Awesome plugin MadJik! I'm going to use this often. Many thanks.
  22. (quickly looks around) Umm......., Volunteers? Anyone?
  23. Anyone know how many plugins have been released? Are we talking 200? more?? [edit] there are 286 topics in the forum, of course some aren't actually plugins and some are plugin packs [/edit] If less than 200 I still think an index-type stickied post might be the simplest solution: Plugin name | Author | Brief Desc/Effect/Action | Release Date | Last Updated | Link | Comments/Notes One entry per line, sorted alphabetically by plugin name. Additional posts could sort the list by Author, Plugin Pack contents, Effect, etc...., And we still retain the option of reordering the forum into subforums if required later.
  24. So how about we create an index like TotalNewbie suggested, with links to the relevant plugins, and sticky it?
  25. You're welcome! Did you end up using the plugin or the text tool?