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  1. That's right, a *.dll is not going to run by itself. In this case we need PDN to load and run it. So we can build it but not run it from the VB IDE. After you build it, copy the *.dll to / (you'll find the *.dll located in the project's Bin/Debug folder). Now when you start PDN, it will find the *.dll and load it into the Effects menu. Note that you will need to restart PDN after each build to make sure the most recent build loads.
  2. Wait, you UNZIPPED it? I thought that was undesireable? jchunn specifically warned against this in the original post: I have got the template working under VB2008, but I don't recall getting the problem you have mentioned. Try not unzipping the template and see where this gets you.
  3. Hi Dave, As per my previous post: 1. go and grab a copy of CARR Electronic font. The link to that font is in the text of the message. 2. Tips for installing fonts can be found here. 3. Click the link in my sig to go to the WhichSymbol thread and download that plugin. 4. Plugin installation tips by BoltBait can be found here 5. Run WhichSymbol+ and you'll get access to all the symbols, like this From this screen you can draw any of the symbols at any size you wish. Note that you should probably put each symbol on a new layer so you can resize and move them independantly. You can merge the layers when you're finished. Hope this helps!
  4. There is a neat font on called "Carr Electronic" by Alan Carr. It has a load of electronic symbols in it, including logic gates. If you downloaded and installed this font, you would be able to type them onto your image using the text tool.
  5. Equally playing random levels on Halo 1 & 2. Interspersed is the odd bash at Doom III just for variety. I lust after a 360, and Christmas is just around the corner...,
  6. Just by way of clarification; How would a pen tool differ from what's already on offer with the pencil/paintbrush tools?
  7. Chuck Norris does not write plugins. PDN does what he wants, when he wants it.
  8. Chuck Norris does not 'release' software. His software 'escapes', leaving a bloody trail of designers and quality assurance people in its wake. (pinched from
  9. As of 2pm today, XP SP3. Thanks again Rick for the links. They worked brilliantly! SP3 installed without any problems...,
  10. Wow! Nice mini-tutorial! I vote that this gets moved to the tutorials area, asap.
  11. There is also this plugin, which does shadows like on google maps: viewtopic.php?p=13957#p13957 Note the part where it says: That means that the part ot the image you wish to have a shadow should be the only thing on the layer. And don't forget that the shadowing process can be destructive, so duplicate the layer, and apply shadow the bottom of the two layers.
  12. No you're absolutely right Ash. I got it wrong about where the transparency should be (secondary color and not transparent mode) :oops: Embarassment is the price I pay for trusting my memory when I don't have PDN in front of me. :wink:
  13. Thanks for the pictures MJW, and for the plugin!
  14. Eyes a bit like this? viewtopic.php?p=223439#p223439 Try a transparent gradient ( :AlphaChannel: not :AllColorChannels:) on a new layer. Use the radial gradient option and click the mouse over the eye centre. Drag the mouse to control the size.
  15. Ok, I think I got that. How about posting a picture so we can see it in action?
  16. XP SP2 and not SP3 because I'm on a very slow rural dial-up connection. I do have auto-update turned on, so it's possible that SP3 is being drip fed to me. At 70mb it may take a while...., [You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to get 3.5 NET Framework installed in these circumstances. But that's another issue...,] This weekend may change things as I'm going to try download a number of items (at a different location & speed). SP3 and 3.5 NET included. If they can be slapped onto a DVD rather than installed from a bootstrapper then I'm good-to-go!
  17. There are hundreds of fonts on Here's a tutorial on how to install them:
  18. 1. (from memory) Scale, roughness, blend mode & reseed [edit] 2. No. Pens & pencils are for drawing not selecting. Use the Magic Wand to select irregular areas (tolerance will affect the selection area based on similar/dissimilar colors), the Ellipse and Rectangle selection tools select more regular areas. [/edit] 3. Blend modes change the result of pixels when overlaid. Check this link: 4. Search for the "Primary Color Difference to Alpha" plugin. 5. Alpha = transparency amount!. The above link also explains this. 6. Boxes, spheres and cylinders. All customizable to your hearts content. 7. There are a number of fractal effects, mandelbrot, julia and (memory failure - dang, I thought I had another one...). This link shows where to find them (and clouds) Section for PDN art? Sure is, we call the the Pictorium, and it's part of this forum.
  19. Great answer! The borders do have to be rectangular, but the image inside the borders does not. Try selecting the image you want to rotate and hit the Move tool, now holding the right mouse button down and moving the mouse rotates the image any amount.
  20. If it does it's not telling me. I tried several search strings, but only get numerous links to the free download. I did purchase an APC mag which touted the 3.5 framework on its cover DVD, only to find that it's just the bootstrapper exe. I was disappointed! I will keep searching....,
  21. In a similar vein, anyone know where I can find .NET 3.5 on a DVD? Its waaaay too big for me to download at my excruciating 4kb/s
  22. Type something in Latin. Always looks and sounds cooler. Old English also has enough echoes to modern English to convey meaning (got this idea from the making of Beowulf - DVD).