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  1. Small change to the index today. I've changed the term Depreciated to Deprecated. The latter term more accurately describes the status of plugins in this category. I also removed the default check for this checkbox.
  2. Trying to get a small symmetrical circle using entire pixels (antialiasing Disabled) is rather more difficult than it seems. This post by PDN Rick Brewster explains If you toggle the antialiasing ON (from to in the toolbar) you'll get a much nicer circle BUT the width won't strictly be one pixel.
  3. You mean you want to scale an image so it looks like a model? Have a look at this tutorial... There is also a plugin which makes tilt-shifting easier
  4. I can fix your username for you. Please send me a PM (Private Message) with the details.
  5. I'm a BIG fan of these two plugins for this type of work... Use the top one to remove objects from an image (demo images in the thread). Use the bottom one to adjust height and width without losing significant content.
  6. MJW beat me to the Liquify recommendation. I'd also advise Point Warp if you're looking for a less intimidating option.
  7. 1. Draw an outlined shape. 2. Fill the center of the shape with the paint bucket tool with a fill style set to brick Ref .
  8. I checked the first 23 decimal places. From memory. Does this make me a nerd? ☺
  9. Below is a walk-through of how to create an animation with the plugin @dipstick mentioned (which you can find here: If you want the LED's to blink on and off in different ways, you'll need to create a layer showing each 'step' in the pattern. I'd map the sequence on paper before committing it to an image.
  10. USINGWIZARD is not actually mentioned in the documentation. I'll make a note to add it.
  11. Hello and welcome @lilyjame The thread for introductions can be found here: Do take the time to intrroduce yourself there.
  12. Hello @kevincrans Welcome to the forum Blendmodes Plus has the Average Blend Mode. Its a third-party plugin which needs to be downloaded and installed (not hard). For help installing plugins - see:
  13. I believe you're probably flattening incorrectly. The order is really important. Flatten the layer stack from the bottom up when using layers with blend modes, not top down. If you have this layer structure... 4 3 2 = blend mode darken 1 Flatten 2 into 1 first. If you flatten 4 > 3 > 2 > 1 you'll get quite a different result.
  14. Use the arrow keys for fine control of the pointer placement.
  15. I'm going to recommend @ReMake is given the forum title Necromancer 😁
  16. ^^ Ace. I enjoyed that! More really old school...
  17. Hey @SlamJammington Welcome to the forum Have a look at this plugin. It has some very nice effects of that type. If you need help installing plugins, look here:
  18. PRO TIP: omitting this ^ step is possible in many cases as Ctrl + Shift + C defaults to the entire canvas if no selection is active. So if you have no selection active go ahead with Copy Merged (Ctrl+Shift+C) followed by Copy into New Image (Ctrl+Alt+V). Wow! Two keys saved! 😁
  19. I keep seeing these... I keep thinking this....
  20. August Update One new plugin this month, and it's pretty darn cool. Enjoy 😎 Image Distortion xod Distort an image using a range of different patterns. Requires OptionBasedLibrary (supplied) be installed