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  1. I think I got it. I think I understand. Let's hope so. I'm going to mess with it a while and see what happens. Thank you!
  2. Thank you for the reply. Can you please go into a bit more detail? Which layer do I add the text onto? Which layer should I be using to apply the drop shadow? I'm still a bit lost here. Thank you. Jd
  3. Hello everyone. May I please request some assistance with the drop shadow plug-in? I know how to create drop shadow effects without the plug-in, but I'm trying to use the plug-in and am having no success. If I tell you what steps I'm taking, can you please tell me what I'm missing? 1. I open Paint.net 3.5.10 and click the NEW button, then click OK in the New dialog box. 2. I create some plain text. I am using Arial 26 font and solid black color. The Layers window has one layer named Background. 3. I open up the Drop Shadow plug-in and just mess around with it, but nothing happens.
  4. I'll be damned. All I needed was one new layer. Sheesh. Thank you!
  5. The Object Align tool seems to work. Thank you. Now...while we are on the subject of these plug-ins: I can't get the Drop Shadow tool to work. Granted, I might not be using it correctly. I know how to create drop shadow effects manually, but it's a pain in the neck. I have not, as of this writing, found instructions that explain how to use the Drop Shadow tool. Let me explain how I'm using the tool. Maybe someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong. 1. I click NEW and create a new window. 2. I set the Primary color to Red, and the Secondary color to Black. 3. Next, I select the TE
  6. Hello everyone. I'm using Paint.net 3.5.6. I would like to get assistance with centering text, please. I am embedding some text into some photos. I'm placing the text at the very bottom of the photos. However, I'm not 100% sure if the text is perfectly center-justified. Is there a way to guarantee the text is fully and properly center-justified? If so, what is the procedure, please? Thank you! Jack D.
  7. Okay, I think we made some progress here. I tried out the Grim Color Reaper plug-in. I then began to work with the images in Microsoft Front Page. At first, I got very scared. Here's why: That's what I saw in Design mode. I was ready to smash my monitor. Then, I said to myself, "Well, let's see how it looks in Preview mode." And here's how it looks in Preview mode: Voila. It works! Problem solved, it seems. The black background in Design mode totally threw me off. Still does! Maybe it's because that's how a transparent .png file is supposed to look? I've never worked with
  8. I'm clearly doing something wrong, or else the plug-in isn't working on my system. Here's what I'm getting, before and after: I put borders around the images, so people can see what I'm referring to. As you can see, the text has disappeared. Why? I must not be understanding something. To the author of the plug-in: If you did this as per the instructions in your tutorial, then why is it working for you, but not me? I've done everything you've done, unless I became illiterate since waking up this morning. Grim Color Reaper? Another plug-in? Okay, I'll give it a try. Thanks for be
  9. Hello. I do know how to do this. However, I recently purchased Microsoft Office 2010, and Word 2010 has new features, including drop shadowing. So, that's what I used, and I like the new tool, so honestly, I'd like to stick with it. As for saving as png, that I didn't do, so I'll go back and try it again. However, the issue of text disappearing occurred before saving the image, so I'm still unable to get what I want.
  10. Still not working properly. When I use Alpha Mask, the text completely disappears on screen. I see nothing. What does All Color Information Will Be Ignored mean? Can this be done without the plug-in? I'd like to have alternatives, if possible. Thank you.
  11. Hi everyone. I need help making the background of an image transparent. First of all: I read the tutorial for Alpha Mask, and tried using it, with no success. So, I need further help with this, please. Here's the image I want to make transparent. Quite simple. Here are my questions that I believe the tutorial does not currently address: 1. The image I am using is a JPG. Will the Alpha Mask tool work with JPG images, or do I have to convert the image to GIF format first? In the past, I've used only GIF images when working with transparent images. (I used Paint Shop Pro in the
  12. The Shift key was all I needed. Quick and easy, and it worked. Thank you, everyone! Jd
  13. Hello everyone! I'm using the current version of Paint.net and have a question about highlighting something in an image. Here's an example of an image I'm working with: I want to highlight sections of an image as though I were highlighting text on a page. As you can see, I've managed to figure out how to do this. I used the Rectangle Select tool to select the area I want to highlight. Then, I use Paint Bucket to fill in what I just highlighted. Quick and simple! There's a minor but annoying problem, though, that I can't solve. If you look closely in this image, some of the letters
  14. Hi. I'm not sure how to ensure the layer is transparent. How do I do that, please?
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