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  1. Hi Vic, welcome to the forum 😊 The tool is Image > Crop to Selection. You need to make a selection to define the crop region, then hit Ctrl + Shift + X or Image > Crop to Selection Ref https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/ImageMenu.htm
  2. In English please @xrModder. It is acceptable to post a Google Translation
  3. Hello @xrModder - congratulations on this plugin! Can I suggest you change the location of it to Effects > Height Map? There are several tools which use this submenu, and I think yours will be a good fit.
  4. Your Effects folder is still stuffed full of odd files. Get rid of them all. Then replace the plugins you need.
  5. The currently selected color(s) are shown here (the icons numbered three). If you click on a shade of green at 6, the black box at 3 will turn green. Does that help?
  6. Welcome to the forum @Onii Chan Hentai If your image has clearly defined edges, you might be able to use the Magic Wand to select the background then press the Delete key on your keyboard. Transparent areas are shown with a gray and white checkerboard - this is not part of your image. It's just a representation of where the transparent areas are. Once an image has transparent areas, you will need to save in a format (like PNG) to preserve the transparency.
  7. Hey Kevin, check out the online documentation as well as the Tutorial section of the forum. We are happy to help you learn this stuff for yourself.
  8. @Reptillian It is feasable to display all the palettes as an image and allow the user to select a block of 96 to export as a PDN palette? 224 x 96 = 21504 shades. If each shade were 5x5 pixels the image would be around 735px square. A palette block would be 30 x 80 pixels. Roughly half the size of the full palette in the Colors Window.
  9. This simple technique using Bulge produces a very similar distortion.
  10. There are 19 text files in the zipped file KCPS PAlletes.zip. They are all paint.net palette files. Were you expecting images? Find out how to use these text files here: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/WorkingWithPalettes.html
  11. Try putting your red and green elements on separate layers and blur each layer separately.
  12. Hi @PSI_Boredom - welcome to the forum. There isn't a Doom palette as far as I know. Doom uses up to 256 colors simultaneously. Paint.net palettes have only 96 shades per palette, so a full Doom palette is going to be 2.5 paint.net palettes. If you Google it you'll find plenty of examples e.g. What you might be better doing is pasting the above image into a separate PDN image and using it as your reference guide (K is the keyboard shortcut to the color picker tool )
  13. It is hard to make out your files from the screenshot. It looks like you have loads of strange stuff in there. I'd recommend you delete EVERYTHING in your Effects folder and reinstall the plugins you need from fresh downloads from this forum.
  14. Honestly, I think the solution given is probably the best unless you're willing to accept a generic shape. You can find plenty of shapes here https://forums.getpaint.net/forum/48-shapes/, but none will match the photo with anything like the accuracy @Djisves achieved. <I've merged the two threads>
  15. Hey there @BigBounca - welcome to the forum. Are you sure you're using paint.net? What version? Is it possible you opened Microsoft Paint? If none of that makes sense, can you show us a screenshot?
  16. Thanks all ❤️ I have to say I'm a bit shocked to have come in ahead of all the other entries 😲. Thanks for puttng it on your website @BoltBait My entry was inspired by @wojti.j's icons here For anyone who is interested, I've attached the zipped PDN of my entry so you can see how it was constructed. PDN BAnner for Comp EER.zip
  17. Hello & welcome to the forum @g404 Paint.net has an awesome tool which will recolor one shade who another: the Recoloring Tool. Here's a link to explain how to use it.
  18. Create a single sprite sheet image with all the sprites in it then apply the recoloring once. There are a handful of plugins which will assist you to save the images back to individual files. To do it individually is masochistic 😨
  19. Glad you got it sorted. I hope your project goes well 😊
  20. Control key + mouse wheel 😀 There are dozens more shortcuts in the list @Pixey linked to in the post above. Remapping of the shortcuts is not supported within the app. Do try the shortcuts. They really do work in the default configuration.
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