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  1. Forum tip: Read the posts that have been locked (closed) by the Moderators. These posts have a little padlock icon next to the subject. Helpfully the Mods will usually explain why the thread has been locked, what rule has been transgressed and where to find the rules. Finding out how the rules are applied helps you to avoid posting blunders of your own.
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a C# technique to interogate the currently selected PDN font. I just really need the FontName and FontSize, but I'm not sure how or where to look for this info. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  3. Here's what I would try: Get MadJiks tubeoblique plugin viewtopic.php?p=19735#p19735 and have a play with that. My assumption here is that the curve of the page is a section of a larger cylinder. If we can stretch the image around the internal surface of a similar sized cylinder we should have a way of correcting some of the distortion. My next recommendation would be the shape3D plugin - again with the cylinder shape. viewtopic.php?p=52345#p52345 Note: I haven't actually tried these techniques & they are probably only going to be useful if you have a small number of images to correct. Hope this helps.
  4. I hear you :wink: but it's what I have installed. Yes I could d/l VS but I have a rural dial-up connection and the files are huge! My point was that this template does exactly what it is intended to do and is easy to use - even in a "humble" version of VB.
  5. This template is simply brilliant :!: I flicked the template through VB 2005 express last night and had the default *.dll running in PDN in minutes. Unbelievable :shock: So if you fancy creating an effect in Visual Basic rather than in the C#/Codelab system you should give this template a try. I highly recommend it! This template obviously took a fair amount of hard work to put together - many thanks to Jesse for making it available.
  6. (Completely humbled)MadJik certainly deserves all the praise for these excellent plugins. His code is not only elegant but extremely fast too. I really like the UI's as well. Thanks MadJik.
  7. I'm sure all codelab users will be excited about this pending update. Brilliant! Many thanks BoltBait.
  8. Ah found me a leetle bug... just as well it's only beta and not a weta
  9. *.dll now just called CellMaker (with no version number) and placed in Render as requested. New ZIP file added (YMD: 10/02/08) to incorporate these changes.
  10. Madjik really knows what he's talking about. I just ran a simple test on the value of y,x loops vs x,y loops. Without changing any other code I found the speed increase impressive! 1600x1200 pixel canvas: CellMaker2.0@12,12,2 = 62 seconds CellMaker2.0 (with y,x loops) @12,12,2 = 31 seconds
  11. Thanks for the code examples and your tutorial! I had not considered that the y,x loops would be appreciably quicker than the x,y loops. Each cell must be inside the selection so that a valid maze can be constructed (the next step - CellMaker was just the preliminary construction but it worked well so I thought I'd release it). I do, and I'll learn plenty from your post. I'll study your code over the next few days and see what I can come up with. Thanks again.
  12. Go to any shop. They'll have it. Does tucking a Pyrochild in at night require oven mitts?
  13. + Simple and very clean. Username easily readable. - Lacks colour. Not a big fan of the font (a bit weedy). Verdict: 8/10
  14. Pull the plug out instead. This technique doesn't create the nasty sparks. I've replied to countless emails announcing my international lottery win. Why don't I receive any money?
  15. Hasn't the hexagonal fill plugin already been done? viewtopic.php?p=26008#p26008 CellMaker v2.0 is a piece of a larger project (codename:Prim - for those intrigued) and is my first foray into C#, so I'll gladly accept criticisms of my code.
  16. This plugin has been superseded by Cellmaker Rev(isited) by zoonel, release date: Dec 06, 2009 you can find it here: Cellmaker Rev This plugin is very similar to the Gridmaker plugin. It simply makes a grid of cells within a given selection. There are three corner options, hard, soft (corner pixels are removed) and rounded (three of the corner pixels are removed for a rounded look). [edit] Thanks to a number of suggestions from Madjik the code has been sped up considerably, hence the new numbering: CellMaker 3.3 replaces all previous versions. Note: The function of the plugin has not altered between versions, only the rendering speed. CellMaker is now found under the RENDER submenu (Ash's request). It works like this: Note: if you really want this plugin, you can find it in my plugin pack
  17. I've been playing with Codelab a little lately, thanks BoltBait for all your hard work on it. As my eyes get weaker I find it harder to read text on the screen. So, would it be possible to setup some default settings for codelab with maybe a codelab.ini file? // Codelab.ini // 0,0,799,599 // Window coordinates: top left to bottom right (so I can resize and the new size will persist on reopening). 16 // Font size in pixels #00FF00 // Comments color I don't want a fully featured word processor, just a little tweak to make the font/opening window a bit larger. [edit additonal] If an *.ini file is not going to happen, my other wish is for a couple more tools on the toolbar?
  18. Why run two equations based on odd/even canvas size? Why not run the same code on both with the rider that the odd sized canvas will be perfect and the even sized canvas will have a 1 pixel column (or row) unused at the right edge (or bottom edge)? (I haven't tried your code so I'm only guessing to the effect you're after.)
  19. Lately HTML is becoming a tighter markup language than its previous usage, as we are now looking to create semantically correct HTML code. This means that the markup tags should only be used to construct the content of a page, while CSS (cascading Style Sheets) do all the styling. Therefore my recommendation for beginners: (X)HTML and CSS is the place to start.
  20. I've always liked usedHONDA's avatar, therefore 9.5/10. Took me at least three days to figure out that neo1973 wasn't your license plate!
  21. 7/10 Nice colors! For the reflection to really work you've gotta invert the letters. Am I getting echoes of one of Pyrochild's previous sigs?
  22. This really is excellent news. Congratulations David! Hip Hip Hurrah!
  23. I've grown up programming. Atari ST taught me STOS basic and 68000 machine code. From there I moved up to 286 assembly/DOS and onto VB6 with a more recent foray into VB.NET. Somewhere in there I taught myself HTML 4 & CSS and a smattering of JavaScript. Unfortunately I have no formal qualifications and this practically rules me out of employment in the IT industry (my true calling). I'd encourage anyone starting out programing to go for VB6 first. It's an intuitive language that will allow you to get programs running very quickly.
  24. The Piper knew he would collect the kid on the next sweep for rats. Which great exponent of Cartesian dualism resisted the reduction of psychological phenomena to a physical state and insisted there was no point of contact between the extended and the unextended?