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  1. whats some things you can do with your text to make it look kool?
  2. i want to put a picture of me in the back ground and have text on top of it how do i do it?
  3. Like an animation picture like take scenes example PS on a game certain actions you are making and then attach them together to make your guy move ect.
  4. I have a picture i want to add to the background of a sig ive already made, anyone know how to do it? thanks =]]
  5. any way to make my text look like it is written in blood and the blood is running [[or dripping]] and also how do i insert a picture into the back ground?
  6. Okay thanks a lot, Does anyone know how i can make it look like blood is dripping from it i made it in dashes going down and in red ink, how could i make blood in it? Im knew to this whole sig making thing as u can prolly tell
  7. like ur sig how would i manage to make one saying Soul1307 could u explain it to me?
  8. I know there is a way to do it because i see a lot of other people have it done, but im completely new .. could someone fill me in on how to do it?
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