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  1. Trying to get a small symmetrical circle using entire pixels (antialiasing Disabled) is rather more difficult than it seems. This post by PDN Rick Brewster explains


    If you toggle the antialiasing ON (from :AntiAliasingDisabled:  to :AntiAliasingEnabled: in the toolbar) you'll get a much nicer circle BUT the width won't strictly be one pixel.





  2. I'm a BIG fan of these two plugins for this type of work...




    Use the top one to remove objects from an image (demo images in the thread).


    Use the bottom one to adjust height and width without losing significant content.

  3. I believe you're probably flattening incorrectly.  The order is really important.  Flatten the layer stack from the bottom up when using layers with blend modes, not top down.


    If you have this layer structure...




    2 = blend mode darken



    Flatten 2 into 1 first. If you flatten 4 > 3 > 2 > 1 you'll get quite a different result.