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  1. No not at all like that. The idea I'm talking about, is taking a small supernova glare, and placing it on the eyes.
  2. I've seen an example on another site before but i forgot the damn sites name. I guess i can attempt at giving a verbal(textal) description until i find a actual picture. You've seen how some robots on movies make their eyes glow when their activating? Or how a demon from a anime show has red glowing eyes? Thats what i'm looking for. P.S. The title has been changed. EDIT: I remember a example. The plugin i had found for it before, was to make supernovas.
  3. Since the previous thread was closed without the help i needed. I will post it again. By this chance, perhaps the title will fit so that the admin doesn't get a fire under his rear. As i said before, i don't know what plugin to look for, nor do i know what to name the damn thread. So cool off, and give me a break. I'm looking for a plugin that will allow me to generate a demonic glow, and add it to a surface on a picture. For instance adding a demonic looking eye to a anime or real persons picture. By chance someone knows which plugin would be useful, submit the link to me here. It would be appreciated. And don't ask me to look through all the plugins on the list page. I've looked, and don't see anything that would help me do what is desired. Good enough for you bolt? Edit: I also edited the title due to having a caps lock fetish. When i make a title if all the words aren't caps i go nuts. So mines better. -_-
  4. Good evening. This is the first time i have been here in a actual post. I've appreciated all the users making all these plugins but so far i can't find what i need. I want a plugin that would allow me to make "demonic eyes". For instance put a realistic glow on someones eyes to make them look demonic. Perhaps this plugin exsists. I've looked and don't see something that would help. So all help is appreciated.