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  1. Saving the image in the native *.PDN format will preserve the layers.
  2. You need to edit your thread title to be more specific - quickly! Once you have done that try reading this tutorial: lightsabre
  3. I'm not exactly sure this is what you're after, but this tutorial is an excellent place to start, and will teach you lots about changing photos and images: Tone Mapping
  4. You found the Software Box Tutorial right? A CD like you want to create is a different size but the technique is still a great place to start.
  5. I recall reading a tutorial on DVD covers which may help you out. Try this tutorial by Hitman-X- : DVD covers
  6. I use the method Crimson gave (remembering to paste into a new layer or image). Followed by Control+Shift+X to crop to the selected area. It's fast, effective & works for me.
  7. I've always found this article very helpful to explain/understand the mechanics of Blend Modes & Layers. Several examples feature with two photos being blended together via the different modes. Actually, one of the photos used is the same as in the tutorial that BoltBait pointed you to, so we must be on the right path :wink:
  8. Just getting back to basics for a moment, adding a new layer will create a new layer over the top of the currently selected layer (your image). This new layer will be transparent (see the gray/white checkered pattern?). It is this new layer that you should put your text/logo onto. Any parts of the logo that are transparent will allow the underlying image to show through. Imagine your new layer is a sheet of glass placed over your image - anything drawn onto the glass will either allow the underlying image to be seen, or cover it up. BTW: get into the habit of always placing text onto its own layer. It is far easier to move or re-type that way.
  9. Start by looking in the tutorials for something you like. Follow the instructions there, and don't forget that pressing F1 brings up the help menu. For shapes you might like to read this section of the help files: PDN Shape Tools
  10. Way to go Mrs BoltBait! I'm still getting..."Why did you come this way?"
  11. That was quick! Good job! Welcome to the forum
  12. Quick, edit the title of this thread before someone sees that you have a non-specific title & locks the thread! Here's the rule: 6) Thread titles must be descriptive and specific -- NOT generic. You need to use descriptive thread titles. The following are examples of thread titles that are NOT ALLOWED: "Help" "Please help" "I need help" "Can you help" "HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!" (if you post like this you WILL be banned) "Tutorial request" "Feature request" "Plugin request" "Looking for..." "Looking for a tutorial / feature / plugin" "Can Paint.NET do this" ('this' is complete ambiguous here) "I'm a newbie" "Hello" "I'm new" also, putting "HELP!" in any title is also not allowed, it's really quite obnoxious. We know you want help, that's why you're posting in the first place.
  13. Nope, just the same old ideas: Brightness & Contrast, Conditional Hue & Saturation, Color Balance. What have you tried and how did it/didn't it work out?
  14. Try this with your area selected (you know, with the marching ants border around your selection): Click on the Move Selection tool (or hit M key) Move the pointer over the nub on the side you want to move (the pointer turns into an open hand ) Hold down the left mouse key (the hand clenches into a fist) Now move just that side with the arrow keys, one pixel at a time. Is that what you wanted? Welcome to the forum!
  15. There is also my Polaroid Frame plugin if you specifically want to frame an image to look like a polaroid.
  16. For some help with the snow there is this tutorial: snow tutorial and this might also be of interest....,snowmaking technique
  17. If your friend doesn't like the small windows cluttering up the screen he could always give the four-fingered-salute (pressing F5, F6, F7 & F8 simultaneously). These keys toggle the visibility of the child windows on/off.
  18. You want to make my dog cold and wet? Heartless.... Seriously you should play with this a bit more and post your results. I really like the effect! Perhaps a short tutorial on your rain/snow technique would be helpful to others? There is a snow tutorial here: Snow, perhaps you could add your technique to that thread.
  19. That's a much better idea than I suggested. Add Noise dots are way too small to leave long trails when you Motion Blur. @Jdars1804: Snowflakes are bigger and come down much slower than rain = shorter trails with a visible dot at the end! Snow also tends to swirl a lot more, so maybe you should be looking at a random mix of directions for the "motion"? [tried that, make them similar directions] Before you Gaussian Blur: duplicate the layer, change mode to additive and merge down. This gives the "snowflakes" a much brighter starting point. I think you're onto the right path with your technique though, it looks/creates great looking snow :!: course the sun is still shining....
  20. Are you looking for an overall effect (like the pattern was printed on a sheet of shiny plastic), or to make each cell glisten with its own highlight?
  21. Those are serious blurs :!: I think the best you can ask for is a slight improvement, but you're probably not going to get much. I think BoltBait was right in his first post: take new photos.
  22. What have you tried? Did you try something like: (on a new layer) Add Noise (low intensity) then Motion blur? It always pays to try the simple stuff first (and it's easier than coding a plugin :!: )
  23. If only I regularly get poor photos emailed to me, usually with a request to "...put this on my/our website". Sometimes you have just got to work with what you're given @Mithos: Why not post a pic so we can see what you're working with?