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  1. I heard recently that Americans have a hard time getting to grips with out New Zealand obsession with adding cheese to mince pies. So I'm asking: What's wrong with a mince & cheese pie? (or steak & cheese for that matter...,)
  2. I'd try rendering clouds over a basic brown background to give the overall "mottled" effect, then try the varicose plugin to get the stretch lines.
  3. I (and there may be others as well) sometimes don't use a value of zero to avoid divide by zero errors. Sometimes it's necessary, sometimes not. Would you ever consider rendering clouds with a scale of zero? Better to have the default set to something meaningful & avoid having to reset the slider every time from a meaningless value. Yes?
  4. no habla Espanol - obviously. I want my Visa card to have no expiry date - cos every time I use it....,
  5. Two posts below this one the same question was asked: Eraser Opacity. In the replies, Mike Ryan spake thus: He means that the opacity of the eraser tool is linked to the transparency of the secondary color. Simply lowering the Transparency-Alpha level in the expanded color window has the effect of lowering the erasers severity.
  6. My simple method: Create a new layer :AddNewLayer: Select Text Tool Type in your text (I use grey primary color like #878787) and then.... Hold down the ALT key and type in 0169 (When you release the ALT key the © symbol appears :!: ) Lower the layers opacity (around 50 to 60 looks about right) so that it looks like a watermark Merge the layer down & save Hope this helps!
  7. Currently reading "Making Money" by Terry Pratchett. I went to a book launch years ago just to see him. I heard recently that he has Alzheimer's. Now that's really sad
  8. I've just changed my desktop image, so I thought I'd share. There is a gallery of the "Audio-Droid" images here: I know it's untidy - that's sort of how I think. I think.
  9. Apologies. I stand corrected :oops: . David knows what he is talking about having just reorganized the tutorials section.
  10. Best undead/spirit creature. Zombies, wraiths, ghouls, re-animated skeletons, spectres, harpies, etc..., The trick here is to link each one to a particular film or book. Who can forget Sinbads' swordfight against the Harryhausen stop-motion skeletons?? Brilliant.
  11. I like the top and bottom ones. I would be especially impressed if the effect was exactly in between the two results! Mentioning glass types is a good point. Plate glass would shatter differently to safety glass, windscreens or ordinary glass. I vote for a tutorial :!:
  12. Gamer_World14: This is the wrong area for that sort of post. Why didn't you put in in the Tutorial section?
  13. I personally sealed the Griffins fate! I once knew an organization who named each of their servers after a famed dragon. It's a habit I have got into with my home PCs (not just dragons, any nasty from LOTR). Currently I am proud owner of Ungolanth - demon spawn of Acer :twisted:
  14. Latin for "I've been thinking". OK, so it's not as cool as the Rock's "Semper Fi(delis)" tattoo in the movie Doom, but it's too late to change it now
  15. [55] Centaur [75] Dragon [0] Griffin I came, I saw, and I kicked it's birdy butt off the poll
  16. IMHO the cracks are really nice, but too uniform. I would adjust them so that they vary more in length or distance from the bullet hole, and perhaps, fewer of them so they don't surround the entire hole like a complete halo. So some of the cracks should be larger and extend further, and this means you probably need less of the smaller cracks. I would also vary the cracks so that the overall effect is not so circular = more irregular around the hole. BTW it's a really nice effect - I like it enormously :!:
  17. If you have MS Word installed you can cut & paste their word balloons into Paint.Net. You'll find these under Word's Autoshapes where they are called Callouts. Simply create one in a blank word document then cut & paste into a new layer in PDN.
  18. *.jpg files don't support transparency. Try saving the file as a *.gif :wink:
  19. For trees, try MadJiks TreeGen plugin: Generate Trees! For stone and rocks, have a look at this tutorial for a list of texturing techniques: Stone 101
  20. Have a look at this thread (and of course the links that arise): Fading images into each other
  21. Why not make a feature of the fact that they don't quite line up? Frame each image and then overlay the centre image (ie bring it to the front of the other two). The misaligned frames make it obvious that the images are separate, but take of the same scene. Just a thought..,
  22. I had a quick play with a technique you might find helpful. This was based on the "Orton" tutorial which you can find here: Orton Effect Open your image = layer 1 (option 1:) Apply Effects>Artistic>pastel @ size 1 & roughness 130 (or not?) Duplicate the layer = layer 2 Set layer 2 blend mode to screen Duplicate layer 2 = layer 3 Set layer 3 blend mode to multiply, lower the opacity to 180 or so Gaussian blur layer 3 @ 15 (option 2:) uncheck layer 2 visibility (might help the overall effect, might not) Flatten image Of course this won't work with all images equally, but might give you some ideas. Using the pastel step gives a more cartoon effect, while not using that step gives a more realistic image. I played with using both pastel/no pastel (on different layers) and then blended the two using the top layers opacity - with interesting results that allow you to fine tune the realism/cartoon ratio. Hope this helps.
  23. So just to clarify: Jesus is un-undead and not mythical. Right?
  24. [60] Centaur [20] Chupacabra [70] Dragon [60] Griffin [35] Mermaid Not scary, just damp and flopping about. [25] Minotaur Look out! He's right behind y..... [55] Vampire [55] Werewolf Not a RPG fan then David? When I was growing up mazes populated with monsters was the best! Dungeons & Dragons, Tunnels & Trolls, Chivalry & sourcery - I loved 'em all. Had nightmares of being chased down stone corridors.....,