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  1. I'm not sure that you can save a multi-layer *.TIFF. This post has the lowdown on the image types, and what is saved along with them: viewtopic.php?p=216729#p216729. According to Myrddin, saving from PDN as a *.TIFF does not retain the layer information. At the bottom of the above post there is mention of a Photoshop file plugin which would allow you to save the image as a *.psd. Would that be of any use?
  2. The grey checkerboard indicates transparency :wink: So if you can see the checkerboard, then that part of an image is transparent. Some image types support transparency, and some don't. So the format you choose when saving may allow you to take the transparency with your image (like a *.GIF image). Check this link out for more info: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=24593&start=0
  3. Try the rounded rectangle plugin by Tim!: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=29439 This plugin gives you loads of options.
  4. So I'll just cross you off the potential list of beta-testers for the backfilling plugin shall I? Shame Actually I have been working on a plugin to do backfilling (steps 18-26), and the initial right move (step 17). Anyone wanting to give it a run through should PM me.
  5. I'll bet this is it to do with your blog code and not your image. Use CSS to turn the image border off - like you did for your banner. In fact it's not a bad idea to turn all your images' border off with a global CSS statement like this: img { border-style: none; }
  6. If you're looking to begin coding effects, the answers provided by BoltBait to this thread are a particularly good place to begin: viewtopic.php?p=261395#p261395
  7. I believe that the intent was to change the name from Jeremy to Chunky? First you're going to have to erase "Jeremy" or overlay that part of the image with something else. On a new layer :AddNewLayer:, place a large rounded (filled) rectangle in a similar color to the "Jeremy" surroundings + repeated blurs : :GaussianBlur: or even glow :Glow: might just do the trick. Second you're going to have to find a large outlined font that you like (check out Install the font (viewtopic.php?p=23856#p23856), then restart Paint.NET. On a new layer :AddNewLayer:(above the one from the first step), use the text tool to write the name in place using your new font. Now you can follow pophiri's technique to import the images into the center of each letter.
  8. There are stacks of tutorials in that section of this forum: viewforum.php?f=29
  9. Have you seen this tutorial? Polaroid Collage
  10. I have tried three times to get them to remove my plugins, but their automated contact form won't accept my email address. I shall have to try another method...., Nice looking, yes, but it's laid out using tables, ugh!
  11. You're welcome! Your picture doesn't look "newbie" to me! BTW You can post your images in the Pictorium (where you can even create your own thread for stuff you've done).
  12. Periodically hit the PREVIEW button when typing long missives :wink:
  13. Aww, shucks The process has fascinated me for a long time too. I read up on the technique on wiki and then started playing. I now believe that the vacant 3D expression is permanently etched on my face! The only thing I haven't been able to reproduce is the "staggering" of a single element with say the left-hand-side being nearer than the right-hand-side. I believe that this is down the the use of pixels, when I really need to step an element by half or quarter of a pixel. (all hugs accepted & reciprocated)
  14. Try this over the built-in forum search: Search term "installing fonts" :wink:
  15. ....not forgetting that the Function keys F5 through F8 toggle the visibility of the windows on and off. Specifically: F5 Tools F6 History F7 Layers F8 Color For more on the Windows menu: Oh and PhenomeMama, you might want to change the title of your original post. It's not very descriptive of your inquiry and breaks rule #6 (thread titles must be descriptive) viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3446. hint: click the EDIT button in your original post.
  16. I'm a little late with this suggestion :oops: , but have a look at the camera lens distortion correction plugin: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=21624
  17. Hobbiton. For that LOTR/medieval look without being unreadable.
  18. Probably the easiest option is the clone stamp tool. This tool takes a little piece of the image nearby and "stamps" it over the piece you don't want. The theory is that the fence would be covered by bits of the nearby background (shrubbery or whatever). There are limits of course. The larger the area you're covering, the more obvious it will be. Hopefully your fence is a wire-link and not a brick one To find out more: and the search term should be "clone stamp"
  19. You're welcome! Don't forget that Paint.Net can access any TrueType font you have installed on your system. You can find loads more fonts at sites like if you're looking for that "special touch" to add to your logo.
  20. @ soul41: I really like the colored abstract more than the "electric" sig you presently have. I've been unable to do a decent abstract so will take a look at the tutorial you mentioned. I guess your present sig is a tad too symmetrical for my liking. @ Kemaru: I can't say I was wow'd with your sig initially. Until I realized it is a "double" image. It's a disk and a stylized dog/fierce-thing-with-teeth. Now that's different, and that's not a bad thing either. I like it more and more!
  21. 1. Create a new layer with this icon in the layers window: :AddNewLayer: 2. Make sure this layer is on top of all the others with the layer up/down arrows in the same window. 3. Click on the text tool icon (in the toolbar) 4. Click on your image where you want the text to appear and begin typing. 5. Alter the font, size & other settings by changing the font name, size, etc..., in the text tool bar (should be just under Image & Layers menus). oh and..., 6. Alter your post title so it reflects more accurately your inquiry - and do it quickly before someone sees!
  22. Try deleting any color surrounding the text so that the text is surrounded by transparency. The glow effect is rather subtle, more like an aura or halo. Try applying it more than once to boost the effect. To view the effect, insert a contrasting colored layer immediately below the text before applying glow.
  23. Did the built in glow not work? Glow: viewtopic.php?p=4700#p4700
  24. I just may be a bit slow this morning (it happens) but I'm not getting the idea here. Are we talking about the shadow in the main window? I just don't get what anderpainter means with "puts around all images". I've never had a problem with how PDN presents images, and certainly not had a problem identifying borders.
  25. Aha - Sobel filters? Brilliant! Downloading in 3....2....1