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  1. Thanks EER, I did download the font but that didn't look right in Word2007. I'll have a look at your plugin and play about in paint.net. Many thanks, your reply is appreciated. Dave
  2. I haven't been able to work out how to create SmartArt symbols like the excellent ones above. Any pointers? Thanks, Dave
  3. That looks worth investigating. I looked through the SmartArt images. You can make them? I'll have a try. Goes off to find out how to do this.......like I say I'm a noob at art/design . lol Thanks, Dave
  4. Cheers bud. I'll look into this plugin (btw I'm a complete novice at art/design). Your help has been very much appreciated. I needed the logic gates for a Safety Critical System Assignment. They look spot on. Thanks again, Dave
  5. Yep, got 'em, well the link lead me to some 500x180 .png's. I just had to change some colours, thin the lines and resize. Admittedly, I was hoping that there was an addon pack for Paint.net with electronic components but this will do just fine. Thanks, Dave
  6. Evening all, This may be a noob question so be gentle........ I'm after an AND and OR logic gate for use in Word 2007. I can't find any suitable images on the internet, so I figure I need to make one. Does anyone know of a plugin that includes these shapes, then I can import it into Word 2007. The plan is to give them a 54,95,145 border and a 184,204,228 fill, given the chance . Thanks, Dave