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  1. Hello all, I want to create a logo. I'd like to tag on a Copyright symbol to the end of it (just to see if it works together with the logo...if not, I'll remove it). Essentially, I want to create something like this (taken from the Cutout/Layered Text With Shadow thread): I've gone to the Windows Character Map, selected and copied the © symbol, but it doesn't show up in my PDN editing window. What am I doing wrong, if anything?
  2. Many times I want to upload photos of myself to websites as profile photos or for other professional reasons. I have some examples but they're too large. Most of these sites ask for photos no larger than 120x100 or 240x260. When I resize my photos smaller, they appear very blurry and pixely. What's a way around that so I can meet the compression requirements of these sites without compromising the integrity of the photo?
  3. And nevermind THAT! I just found the thread, lol! Sorry for my lack of presence, folks!
  4. Nevermind! I zoomed in on your image and discovered it's Coalition. I downloaded Coalition from Dafont and installed it in my Fonts folder under Windows. But it's not showing up when I load PDN. What do I need to do?
  5. Ekstaze, what was the font you used for the "PDN" lettering?
  6. Hello, I want to create a two-sided business card: On one side, I have my logo. On the other side, I have my contact information. Unless I've completely missed it, I don't believe there are any Business Card Creator plugins for PDN. If someone could advise me how to create this, that would be great. I've tried the Avery Business Card template through MS Word, but the image I'm inserting as my logo on one side doesn't fit the card area completely. I've tried manipulating it but it doesn't work: whenever I stretch it on one side, it stretches on the other and then goes out of the bo
  7. I've scanned some of my old Yearbook portraits for a project I'm working on. These are, as you can imagine, those small, black & white yearbook photos that are arranged in rows alongside your fellow classmates whose last names start with the same letter as yours. Naturally, these photos are rather tiny. So I used PDN to resize them to appear larger. Unfortunately, what I end up getting is a recognizable photograph of a younger me, but there appears to be a "checkerboard" effect whereby the horizontal lines appear purplish-blue against a grey background while the vertical lines are so
  8. Is there a way to Batch-Resize photos? I have 160+ photos of different sizes (but mostly 1600 x 1200). I'm running them in a loop for my screensaver. I transferred them to my cellphone, to be used as wallpaper, but they're too big to fit the screen. I can only see a portion of the image. So I'd like to reduce the size for them all, without having to do each one individually (and tediously). Thanks.
  9. A weird thing happened a few weeks ago: suddenly my "Open" function only arranges my files by Name. I want to arrange them by Modified. Used to be, I set it this way once and it remembered the setting. Now I have to manually do it each time I want to open a file. How can I get it to "remember" my setting to Modified?
  10. I want to cut the spines of this CD cover and flip them around so that when reading them, the front cover will be on top. As it right now, the back cover will be on top. So, I want to highlight and cut each spine, then flip it 180 degrees, before pasting it back where they belong. How can I do that?
  11. :o Well that's weird... It finally showed up! Hah!
  12. LOL! You're absolutely right... I wanted to hit the "About" link in the Help Menu to find out which version I was using. Inadvertently, I clicked on Firefox's Help>About! :oops: Anyway, when I click on Font Manager, I can see the particular font I'm looking for in the Windows Fonts folder. But when I request it using PDN, it's not listed. What more do I need to do to access this font?
  13. I'm having the same problem. I just installed a font called "Aardvark Cafe" (available at many font download sites). But I can't see it whenever I load up PDN. I've since reinstalled the font several times (overwriting each time) from different sites, and I get the same result. And yes, I HAVE restarted PDN each time to allow the program to refresh itself. Funny thing, though... I used to use this font all the time with PDN, until I reformatted my computer a couple of months ago. Since I downloaded 3.5.6, I can't find it. Help!
  14. I want to add a comic book-like word baloon to an image. What's the best way to do that?
  15. Okay, that sort of works. But it leaves behind a trail of white and grey squares. Any way to avoid that? (Thanks for your help, by the way!)
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