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Image Umbrella: Abstract Images


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I like the road part, it looks cool and weightless. :D Nice job on the Earth too!

What's this, you say? Another PS Tut conversion? Could it be?


It's a conversion of PSDTut (yeah, they make real good tuts)'s newest tutorial, Layered Glowing Text Effect!

I didn't know which umbrella text effects would fall under, and I guess it's *kind of* abstract.

Here ya go:


I posted the thumbnail cause I think it looks crisper and cleaner when smaller.

Took about 40 layers, and lots of Overlay.

Call me expired. Please.


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shiny! It sort of reminds me of glass lit by city lights.

my computer would twitch and die at about 50 :P . It starts taking 30 seconds to respond at 25...


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wow. That's pretty oma, I can't really describe what it looks like to me, sort of a cavern, but instead of rock there's water, and it's lit from below. :)

LJXD: I like hat way you used the brushes as clouds with tendrils. Looks sort of doomsday-ish to me. :)


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@ikid:Could you put a larger image? I can hardly see it so I can't say if I like it or not!

@Ljxd: Nice! I would follow Oma's suggestion and try to use colors on those and see how they look like!

@Oma: Terrific! It looks exactly like you describe it, oil painting on canvas! And with a frame to give some depth, the effect should look perfectly realistic!

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