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Image Umbrella: Abstract Images


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@ monkeyFox: Good highlights! I like how you used the secondary highlights on the other side of the glass as well!

@ Topezia: I like it! looks satiny!


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Wow nice work del_diablo and topezia. Really nice effect there del_diablo good use of colours.

I like yours aswell Topezia though the sillohette is a bit odd. :lol:

topezia so romantic. like Ljxd says something off in the silhouette. I'm thinking its the proportion of the upper body being so much greater then the lower body area. Stretch those two smooches. :lol:

Here is a nice pattern I came up with. Not sure where to use it yet.


Amazing as usual Oma, actually you can do anything with that: jewels, petticoat of a princess' dress or even a maraja's palace (there are some shapes that remind me of pinnacles) but you do not lack in fantasy.... while as you may know my free hand drawing skills are not exactly those of a Michelangelo :lol: :arrow: streghetta.png and I am quite glad you and LJXD could recognize a vague resemblance with human shapes , well let's say one of those smooches :D (I had to make a google search cause I did not know this term) is wearing a big shoulder bag :lol:

Ciao ciao

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@LFC4EVER: That's cool, it reminds me of the night neon view of an highway, just rotate it little bit more backward and put some small shiny cars on an other layer and see how it looks like (just an idea!)

Ciao ciao

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topezia that is wonderful and a great color. Looks like it could be a poster at a dance.

oma beautiful as always, you have a definite style that I like.

LFC4EVER nice image. 3D is always fun.

ncfan51 nice to see you playing around with xor. I am never sure just what to do with it.

del_diablo sorry I didn't get to see your image it seems to be gone.


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