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  1. hi, i would like to find out if it is possible to do a morphing avatar or signature with paint.net. my son asked me , because he saw it on my yearbook. thanks
  2. i would like to have a normal background and a slit pupil like a cat. i tried the s3d #2 realistic eyes+slit pupil tut and messed up somewhere.i welcome any advice.
  3. there is some wonderful work here. i have tried this many times (appr: 5) and finally got the eye. i could not quite get the slit pupil and also a white background for the eye with black ring around the outside.this takes a lot of time when you don't know what your''re doing. it sure is fun though. heres my image
  4. I did read myrddins tuitorial. on # 7 it says for posting your image insert it into a set of image tags . does that mean to do this. do i need to do this in my post area for it to transfer it. i guess it did, the image showed up in the post. :shock: does that mean it will show up under my user name when i post. thanks
  5. i've read several tuitorials and still do not understand how to use my signature and avatar. i made it, uploaded to photobucket and had the following assigned to it. http://s281.photobucket.com. how do i get it back to and use it on paint.net thank you james
  6. hi, my name is james. 48 from georgia i recently joined and really like paint.net. this is my first time using a graphics program. everyone seems to be very friendly. i like a lot of the names and signatures. spirit scout yours sounds pretty cool. why don't you like it. there is a lot of neat stuff on here. looking forward to working and talking with y'all. james
  7. thank you shadow, that is exactly what it is. the tiger comes out of the wall brick by brick. it is awesome. i will get a picture soon as i can.
  8. First Name: James Location: Springfield, Ga. Age: 48 Occupation: Deputy Sheriff Hobbies:Fishing, Hunting,Reading, Gardening, Cooking and Now Paint.net Favorite Tech Item:Don't Know Favorite and most despised Software: Paint.net and AOL Favorite and most despised movies: Resident Evil and Jason all 10-12 of them Favorite and most despised games: Mario and final fantasy Favorite band, song and genre: don't know. many country, rap, bluegrass oldies Most enjoyable outdoor activity cook out with family and friends. If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, at no expense to you,
  9. i will have to go back to the school to get a photo example. i'm thinking i can do it with layers making each one a little smaller. i copied the other tuitorial. thanks a lot. i have never worked with graphics before. this is so cool.
  10. i am trying to do a 3d wolf made of bricks coming out of the wall. my daughters school actually had a tiger made like this and it really looks cool. i did not find anything in search. i may have to play around with mkts 3d tut and layers. thanks for any advice.
  11. you might check your computers c drive. mine has a font folder with an amazing number of different fonts in it.
  12. I have checked the help and search topics and cannot find any reference to mandalas. has anyone done any or know of any templates or tips to make them. thanks
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