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  1. Curious George- 9/10 Cute <3 Lol Weird dude- 6/10
  2. I used the tutorial because I can't think of anything else to do. So deal with it. Don't have two renders in the same sig, you can(should) only have one focal.
  3. The sig is nice, but I don't see any animation. :?
  4. 9/10 Very simplistic and clean, but the jellyfish's tentacles(?) look a little off. Not sure how to describe it. I'd add a 1px G-Blur to the inside of the jellyfish.
  5. I got- 26" LCD HD TV iPod Touch, 16 gig Sound of Madness CD (Shinedown) Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces CD (Seether) Clothes... 1 Year Code to XBL
  6. Other than the edges being all :AntiAliasingOff: 'ed, nice job!
  7. Zeon, I woud try this. -Duplicate layer -Then on the bottom, do a Drop Shadow, with a light-ish color -The G Blur it a little bit -And add Glow
  8. Hmm, to me it looks like the lines are directing away from the render, so it does more bad than good with the flow. 8/10
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