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Image Umbrella: Abstract Images


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@welshblue Love the acid green/yellow colors of your image!

@PeterPawn Thanks for the tip I will follow it when I will finally dare (:lol:) to download Apophysis..

I wanted to add this editing my previous post but I see there is a new page already, I tried to follow your tips LFC4EVER, but as usual I got lost between the many options offered by the layers blending modes (and the more they are the most difficult is to choose the best option, do not know if this happens only to me) anyhow I think I've improved it a bit it is more shiny and glowing, but I did not go any farther in following the flow of the lines :(



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great work people.!

@topezia I love that version of sismograf03. The colors are just poping off the screen.


@peterpawn love the dragon see you've been playing with fractals. like the use in your sig as well.

@jinxed welcome to the forum. I like the bird one a lot. second one ummm not so well, I think its missing a focal point. maybe use this as a background for something like your bird instead of the solid black?

here is one I did in paint.net

Blue Blue Glass the Switch


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Fozen-byte your colors remind me of my own image

oma beautiful as always

jinxed the bird is just beautiful

PeterPawn the dragon fractal is wonderful, love fractals

topezia great neon colors, it reminds me of a city



"One can't complain. I have my friends. Someone spoke to me only yesterday." EEYORE

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@janettsue & topezia:

The program I used is Apophysis. PM me and I'll send details. Too lengthy to post here. The coloring is controllable within the program but can be edited in pdn. I use pdn exclusively for post production details, all editing, slicing and dicing is done with pdn. Did my sig and avatar this way. Click "My DA Gallery" below my sig to see more.

Anyway, let me know.

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@oma:oh my god, it's beautiful, looks like a flooded ice cave, I'm currently in need of a lot of inspiration and if I can't find it in the picture I won't find it anywhere.


History repeats itself, because nobody was paying attention the first time.

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