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  1. Here's my go at it. Thanks for a great tutorial.
  2. When I tried to use these plugins, all I could get was a look that looks like emboss/relief effect. How did you get them to look like the spheres/orbs that you're showing in your examples? I can't make the black ball with the white shiny hilight on it.
  3. Thanks again Barbie, and thanks to you Julio.
  4. Helen & Chrisco: Thanks much for your continued support. I appreciate it you guys. You're great.
  5. Posted "A Shot Of Lime" on pg. 1 Fractal background with a jewel to match.
  6. Thanks to Helen & Chrisco for the comments on "Pyro's Medallion." I appreciate it.
  7. Thanks to Goon & Barbie for the great compliments.
  8. "Pyro's Medallion" posted on page 1.
  9. Thanks Barbie, very nice of you to say so.
  10. Well thank you Chrisco for the great compliment. I appreciate it very much.
  11. Thanks for taking a look and for your compliments.
  12. Thanks Barbie & Helen. They're definetly a lot of fun to do, I'm hooked.
  13. Thanks Chrisco. I appreciate you taking a look and for the compliments.
  14. Posted Five new "SIG's" on page one. I think you'll like them.
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