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  1. You have some nice pieces here. They're simple yet intersting and aesthetic. I, personally, rarely use the smudge tool. It's so handy, but I never remember to use it. I would have to say I like your fourth piece the best. It looks somewhat like an eagle. Or some other bird. ~MarshmallowGherkin
  2. I love autostereograms! I've always wanted to make one, and now i can. *is happy* *goes and makes some*
  3. Pretty good for only having it a couple days... The last one could use a bit of feathering or anti-aliasing. I can't remember if PDN comes with those... or if you have to download a plug-in. but it's a good start so far. ~MarshmallowGherkin
  4. Updated: GreenPeace Sig. you environmentalists out there: don't complain.
  5. Wow. Some nice stuff. I liked your sigs the best... i still suck at making sigs... you're spacescape was cool. it was way better than mine. the background for it was amazing. not sure about the glare though... it works, but i think it could have been better. and your abstract was good too. simple but interesting. and was that test tube one entirely PDN? PS. you're avatar is great too. i think i might just try that sometime... great work! keep it up. ~MarshmallowGherkin
  6. nice! i like your sig the best. keep up the good work. (and post more stuff ) ~MarshmallowGherkin
  7. Now your sig can be appreciated in its fullest. Nice work on your latest. I love abstracts. They're so simple to make with pdn. And almost always look great.
  8. I like your first sig the best (the red one). though the edge of the glow could use some feathering to make it softer. the bubble one's cool too. it's simple but fascinating. great job.
  9. Here's a couple abstract images I made. I'll post them here, but they're all in my gallery to. These are probably my favorite ones.
  10. update: a random picture I made that doesn't fall under any category I currently have.
  11. Updated: a tutorial picture, an abstract, and a background
  12. Updated: Two new wallpapers I made for my computer.
  13. I like your bomb .gif and your signature... which i didn't see in your gallery. great job! Marshy
  14. hyrule: that is one sweet picture! and the fact that it's green is an added bonus . i like the cool fog/smoke stuff in the background.
  15. here's what i got after playing around with things a bit more.
  16. Updated: To deviations of the Tramojo's fire tutorial, and a really long flat abstract picture.
  17. Love the "Arteries" and the one you labled as "weird toilet paper effect". The Doritos room cracked me up. Also, you're Paint.NET picture was amazing. I can't believe I nearly forgot to post that. Marshy
  18. I like your lime avatar the best. *is jealous of the obvious skill on this page*
  19. I liked your first and fourth ones best. Keep up the good work! Also, your usename is has to be one of the most epic ever. Marshy
  20. (SIG NOT TO BE RATED UNLESS SOMEONE REALLY WANTS TO) 26 posts. that's not much. though i guess I can't say much about how long you've had the program... sorry. i had meant that I am a noob as well as not knowing much about Paint.NET. I think the "too" is what messed up my train of though. I'll edit it. and yes, it was a tutorial, though I added on to it.
  21. I really like the stuff posted from Star Splatter to the end of your gallery. You have some interesting abstracts. I'm still new at this program (only had it a couple months) so there isn't much I could tell you, other than it's good. Marshy
  22. 5.28/10 (My first was a 4 ) It's cool. Just really small. If it was the size that sigs normally are (500X150?) then i'd give you 6.9 But still, a good sig. Though I don't profess to know these things cause I'm still a noob.
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