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  1. You have some nice pieces here. They're simple yet intersting and aesthetic. I, personally, rarely use the smudge tool. It's so handy, but I never remember to use it. I would have to say I like your fourth piece the best. It looks somewhat like an eagle. Or some other bird. ~MarshmallowGherkin
  2. I love autostereograms! I've always wanted to make one, and now i can. *is happy* *goes and makes some*
  3. Here's a couple abstract images I made. I'll post them here, but they're all in my gallery to. These are probably my favorite ones.
  4. hyrule: that is one sweet picture! and the fact that it's green is an added bonus . i like the cool fog/smoke stuff in the background.
  5. I like your lime avatar the best. *is jealous of the obvious skill on this page*
  6. (SIG NOT TO BE RATED UNLESS SOMEONE REALLY WANTS TO) 26 posts. that's not much. though i guess I can't say much about how long you've had the program... sorry. i had meant that I am a noob as well as not knowing much about Paint.NET. I think the "too" is what messed up my train of though. I'll edit it. and yes, it was a tutorial, though I added on to it.
  7. I really like the stuff posted from Star Splatter to the end of your gallery. You have some interesting abstracts. I'm still new at this program (only had it a couple months) so there isn't much I could tell you, other than it's good. Marshy
  8. 5.28/10 (My first was a 4 ) It's cool. Just really small. If it was the size that sigs normally are (500X150?) then i'd give you 6.9 But still, a good sig. Though I don't profess to know these things cause I'm still a noob.
  9. 7.6/10 (yes I use decimal places. It 'cause i can never make up my mind) Interesting diagonal lines. Though what might be hidden behind them on the left side of your post eludes me... 8/10 if you don't count my bias towards grey.
  10. Hmm, I thought it looked like cooled lava. Interesting.
  11. Wow. How do you guys get such good pics? I've got the hang of the basics, but I only downloaded Chaoscope yesterday... I'll post some of my pics once I get them on photobucket.
  12. It's better than mine... but then again, i didn't have any method of creating them. I was just bored and started goofing around with the gradient fills. It almost looks like there's a face in the middle of yours. Hidden in shadows. Creepy... and cool.
  13. So I recentley stumbled upon this application and have become addicted to it... and I've only made three pictures so far. Those pictures I just generally goofed around with until I had something that looked kinda cool. Here they are, except for the first one, which I don't have anymore. The Second Image I made: The Third image:
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