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  1. ^wants me to listen to a song v will listen to the song instead
  2. I like the new Av i give it an 8/10 i would probably like it more if the font was changed but thats my opinion you do what you want
  3. Well this is my gallery nothing in here is going to be great any comments good or bad are welcome All of these pictures are 100% Pdn Here are my Sigs: this is my first sig this is my second sig haha Here are the AV's i have made My first my second here are some other pics that i have made mostly because i was bored 1) 2) Now these are pictures i hae made from tutorials but I am not sure which ones they came from 1) 2) 3)
  4. wow that is really good heres my new picture, there is something missing in it but i dont know what please give suggestions if you have any
  5. haha this ismy try of an absract image for some reason it reminds me of a bird
  6. TopHATslash i like the colors nad well really i like th entire thing great idea 9.5/10 Logan Art i like the style and idea i think it woluld look really good if you added a tiny bit of color any way 8/10
  7. wow those are really great and i agree your age doesnt matter im only 13 haha i really like what you did with the guitars
  8. ^is right v still doesnt know how many people on this site are from america
  9. ok so his ex dies but it someone framed you so you had to go to jail for the rest of your life i wish i lived in a monsterous mansion and had a bunch of people doing want i wanted them to
  10. ^wants to know how manypeople are from america on this site v is wondering about space
  11. so you go back in time and undo the granting of the fish wish but instead you turned yourself into a fish i wish i had a lifetime supply of chocolate
  12. I really like it and i know i could not do anything even similar to that ahaha i give it a 8/10
  13. wow i give yours a 9 its really amazing i dont think i could ever do anything close to that
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