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Image Umbrella: Abstract Images

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@cjmcguinness nice one, I left a message on your DA but thought I'd also give you a note here. I really like this one. Its one of those that just resonates with a lot of strength and power.

lovely work, hope to see you around more often.

ciao OMA

this is one I've been doing thought I'd share with you all. I think the shiny fans will enjoy this one.

"Just because its pretty"


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@ cjmcguinness ... I like that. It's one of those images that captivates you and it's almost like it's 'alive' (...if you know what I mean :?)

@oma ... another brilliant image. Definitely bright and shiny :D

My daughter had to write a story for homework and wanted an 'illustration'. We came up with this ...



... Blue 'Til I Die ...

My Gallery

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@ welshblue: looks great!, but the flames are coming out of the frame.

@ oma: it looks awesome, looks like there is some polar inversion in it, that gave me to this idea:


yes, I used clouds.


History repeats itself, because nobody was paying attention the first time.

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i think this belongs here...


it is meant to be a sunset with a hill in the corner. oh and just effects were used apart from at the beginning where for some strange reason i put circles of colours and then made them into spirals with the :Twist: twist tool.

this is my first piece of (i think) of abstract work i have dun on pAiNt.NeT.


never stopped lovin' pringles

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see_more.gif tag_images.gif

I've been using PDN for 2 years now, wanted to see if this is decent. I mixed renders with distorts, I think it looks like that stff on the outside of bags of popcorn. Except that has a man made of film in it...

Oh well. Hope it looks good, because if it does, I have a tut for it!


Changed the text in the signature yay!

PDN gallery!

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A lot of very fine pictures, here. Love your artistic touch cjmcguinness, and Oma yes I am amongst the shiny fans and that is gorgeous and i.m.o. should deserve a place in the Galleria.

Welshblue: I like the kiss of the Dragon!

JanettSue : From the Impressionism (your photo-manipulation) to the Cubism period :D , it is lovely both for the colors and for the 3d look. How did you make those cubic shapes?


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PeterPawn I don't know how I missed your post last time I posted but wanted to say I think the spheres are cool.

topezia I have been a Quilter for decades an there is math involved.(something that I am not very studied at) Tiling refers to the filling in of a plane with repetitions of the same shape so that no gaps appear. The result is called a mosaic or tessallation. Something I am sure you math wizes are familiar with as well as you artist with Escher and Penrose. Penrose has to do with mirror symmetry and fivefold rotational symmetry. Sorry I'll stop now. It is just great stuff if you are into textile art.

How I made the blocks. As a quilter I have been fascinated with how you can use the same shapes (much easier to sew together) and by changing the hue and so forth create and illusion. I don't quilt right now but there was a time I did all this on graph paper. What a time saver pdn would have been for me.


The possibilities are endless


"One can't complain. I have my friends. Someone spoke to me only yesterday." EEYORE

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@becauseiwantedto: it looks awesome but... I don't like the colour, that looks like rusted copper, however that can be changed easily (atleast I guess).

@PeterPawn: I love your gold like looks great, but I would change the blue colour and distort the tile reflection a lot more.

@janettsue: It looks so realistic; you could post it at the realistic images topic, however because the main porpuse of your image is to fool the mind it doesn't look extremely beautiful.

Now for a little coloured metallic polar inversion:


I like the way it looks offcentered.

plz comment.


History repeats itself, because nobody was paying attention the first time.

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Hello this is my first post :) I have been working with Paint.net for about a year or so now, and here is some of my work.

http://i522.photobucket.com/albums/w350 ... Lights.jpg

http://i522.photobucket.com/albums/w350 ... keEyes.jpg

(They double as desktops so be warned 56k users. 1680X1050)

"Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven"

~John Milton

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@Kemaru: it would look much better if you would have auto levelled it, please don't blame me for taking the privilige.


Note to people not paying attention: I did not make this!


History repeats itself, because nobody was paying attention the first time.

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now that would be classified as a matter of opinion.

I liked the dreamy hypnotic quality of the original by @Kemaru but having said that the auto adjusted would be how I would continue with this one into a morphed abstract.


great work everyone!

its just a little box I've been doing. liked the complexity of the pattern on pattern on pattern. I love the cream and black tiles.


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