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  1. Updated. This first is a modification of the second image in my first post. It was originally titled "A Drink, Perhaps?" but was changed to "A Late Night Drink" in this picture. The second one, titled "Peace" as of now, is a project in development. I am aiming for a sense of calm, pleasant, and spacey in this picture.
  2. Well, I'm relatively new to both this site and the PDN program, and in my time in using the program I have created a few big projects. So, here's My Gallery. Creations A small gallery, but it is expanding more and more!
  3. This image is called "the vine". Updated again.
  4. Oma: Marvelous. I feel a very soothing solitude when looking at this picture. Janettsue: Quite lovely, very Christmas-like. The stars remind me almost of holly. Down: It seems to be a good start, but in my opinion it needs something more. It reminds me of those gray camo pants. Down/Janettsue: Thanks, and yes, the twist wasn't my greastest choice as I look back at it..
  5. I haven't given it a title, and it's just something I whipped up with a rather vague sense of direction. My intention was a feeling of loneliness. Perhaps it could be called 'The Lonely Rainbow'.. I don't know, haha.