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Image Umbrella: Image Modification/Manipulation


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Text placement's a bit strange, and I think I would make his neck fade into the clouds, instead of showing his shirt, but the manip itself is awesome man - really well done!


Ok, here's my newest Vue render Paint.NET manipulation:


^^Click for full sized version (2560x1600!)^^

I'm not very happy with the sky, but I am quite content with how the lighting (fog / haze) came out.

Please give me some feedback! Also, if you want to see the original render straight out of Vue, just ask and I'll upload it.

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"The Planet Earth"


This pic was made from the following 2 images(source-Galactic Civilizations 2:Dread Lords planet maps):

Earth's map:


And Luna's(the moon's) map:


The clouds were made by getting a selection from a real picture of Earth's clouds and rendering the cloud effect in with some blurs.

You can find an awesome tutorial on making planets here:


This image is also in my gallery:


Space...The Final Frontier. -James Tiberius Kirk; circa 2260s


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@ 007 Nab Wow ! That's beautiful. You said your not happy with the sky, I don't know, I kind of like the way the sky looks, the colors the clouds, pretty cool looking. The lens flair is a beautiful touch. The mountains, the water, the sky, it all looks really good to me. Very nice image.

@ Sokagirl, That is great ! It looks so real ! I mean I know it's a real bottle, but it looks like the label was put on at the brewery.

@ Flip, Really nice image. The water reflection is very nice. The sky looks a little grainy in the upper left corner. Maybe if it were darker it would not be as noticeable.

I usually don't do photo mods, maybe four this year, but I wanted to try Yellowman's splinter technique on photos and I chose this little hummingbird. This is with his splinter effect, xor blending mode, and a zoom blur behind the little bird. The second two thumbs are two others I did using variations of his technique.


th_FinchesOnGuitarSplinter.png th_OwlSplinter.png


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Roadkill the bird is wonderful, Hutton fun weird I like it, Aislin bubbles are great.

I took this picture yesterday. What an amazing sight to see, such a big snowman. Those arms are made of trees and he has lights at night.


A little ink sketch, pastel and some layering it was a fun picture to work with.


"One can't complain. I have my friends. Someone spoke to me only yesterday." EEYORE

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