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  1. Alright, so my 'almost free weekend' has been much less free than I'd thought. Mostly because of that 8 inches of snow that takes hours to shovel. Not only that, but I today learned that the Governor's school application I received Friday is due tomorrow. My bad guys, I'll have them up before the beginning of the next weekend.
  2. I know, but that tutorial already translates perfectly to Paint.NET... You're right though, widening a nose is pretty hard with smudge, but you can do it if you work at it for awhile. I'd try another option first though, because when I say 'awhile' I mean I worked at it for 25 minutes and was only satisfied when I zoomed out to 50%...
  3. For the first time in nearly a month, I have an almost free weekend. To celebrate this, I will be creating a multi-texture creation tutorial. Of the 10 poll options, I will create a tutorial for the top 5. Poll Ended. *Note1: Water option will include a mini-tutorial on flow, so don't worry about it's simplicity. *Note2: All options will include mini-tutorials on how to apply them, once again, do not worry about simplicity. *Note3: If a tie occurs, I will pick the one that I deem more useful. *Note4: Skin option will also show alternate steps that create a green leaf texture. Bark 13% 13% [ 6 ] Brushed Metals 10% 10% [ 5 ] Granite 15% 15% [ 7 ] Heavy Fabric 6% 6% [ 3 ] Light Fabric 4% 4% [ 2 ] Paneled Wood 8% 8% [ 4 ] Skin 17% 17% [ 8 ] Solid-piece Hardwood 0% 0% [ 0 ] Synthetic Rubber 6% 6% [ 3 ] Water 21% 21% [ 10 ] It appears that I will be creating tutorials for- Bark Brushed Metals Granite Skin Water Keep watch in the texture sub-forum as I am hoping to be finished with this by Sunday night. Thank you for voting, I'm a very indecisive person and could not choose for myself.
  4. Also, if you wanted each letter centered on a vertical line, you would select each letter individually and move them all to different layers. Then, using the "Align Object" plugin, you would align every letter horizontally and then merge each letter layer until they are once again on the same layer.
  5. I like the style of your work, Possum, I can see exactly how you make certain objects and it starts me thinking on how I can use the same techniques in my own art.
  6. csm, if there's any advice you could use, it is this. Texture. Texture. Texture. (Frontcannon addressed all the problems with the perspective) I'm eager to see how this turns out though.
  7. As soon as I start having more than half an hour of free time a day again, I'll get to work on that.
  8. The tutorial you linked to completely translates to Paint.NET. The only thing that you would need to do differently is use smudge with a square brush instead of liquify. What was the point of this thread again?
  9. My mattress, which I was meant to receive on Christmas is still locked in our van, which is locked in some auto-repair shop's warehouse. I opened my birthday presents just five hours ago, but I still haven't received all of my Christmas presents. Is this odd to anyone else?
  10. Jerry, look at the date of this thread. Also, anyone who reads this, you can soften the eraser by lowering the opacity of your primary color.
  11. Can we do this? Splatters, really isn't a great theme for a wallpaper, in my opinion. If my opinion counts for anything...
  12. That smoke is awesome chris84, are we going to be getting a tutorial soon?
  13. I just threw a bunch of things together after finishing the notes. I don't think I'm going to put this entry in my gallery. Anyone else run into this problem after getting the main part done?
  14. Sort of lost it after I finished the notes... Stock
  15. My best friend of 9 years, (Not 'bff' or any of that nonsense, I mean the two kids you rarely see without the other who everyone thinks are obviously going to be room-mates at college) moved to South Carolina today. This is just two years after the third and fourth guys (brothers) who used to rarely be seen without us two moved to Virginia Beach. See ya later, kid.
  16. It's a perfectly legitimate rule...? :? Surely you can think of something music related other than cropping a band's picture and throwing in a few effects?
  17. The Artist in the Ambulance - Thrice The Minstrel's Prayer - Cartel Summer Shudder - AFI I've got those three playing looped on grooveshark.com.
  18. The simplicity is great, the aliasing on the shaft could use some touching up, but the sig is awesome nonetheless, especially when taken in with the quote. 7.5/10 (Fix that aliasing for an 8.5) :wink: *Or is that not aliasing? It's really hard to tell, but either way, it looks pretty odd. I've tried to make arrows before, but I could never get the fletchings right, how'd you do it?
  19. Alright, fair enough, I didn't know you were talking to him in any way other than what I've seen. It definitely puts a different spin on your post. Still, now discluding your post, I see a bit too much of that on the forums. I'd much rather hear what is wrong with my work than "Looks very nice." That is how people get better. I like hearing compliments as much as the next guy, but it does annoy me when I see an entire page of "Ehh, colors. 7/10," 'in the Rate the sig of the poster above you!' thread. I'm not supporting talking down to someone, there usually is something to comment on positively in an image even when the rest of your post is critique. Or I've grown too used to more cynical forums, where as this one is completely different. [Long story short- I'm ranting about nothing because I'm worried about my semester grade and the final exam I finished today]
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