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Image Umbrella: Image Modification/Manipulation


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those scales look awesome! if it wasn't too dark those could pass for some legit reddish scales.... also the left eye is baller, but then there is all that weird contrast stuff that I would probably end up getting too, let me guess, the light side was the right side...

also updated portals, credits to

the guy who made the hardwood floor tut

the guy who made that steel background tut

the rest I did myself, nothing copy and pasted except for GLADOS in the background, I have to say, I'm gonna take pics from my house and work on this, and then make a real life portal, I'll have to supersize it, I'm having soooo much fun with this concept

Hidden Content:

EDIT: forgot to mention that I messed up the blue portal, everything that you see inside it should be flipped about 90 degrees

I haz a website! Made August 30th, don't be hating on my html skills, I'll work on the template when I'm done getting what I want on it.

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@Scuba - Wow, I really enjoyed seeing that one, I liked the overall picture, dark yet with some nice highlights. :)

@daugystik - Your portals are coming along, good idea, I personally wouldn't even have thought it up or tried lol. Too much work for my brain :P

Well here is some of the stuff I've been working on, I don't post much cause I don't feel I am as good as everyone but here goes:

Intense Stare: th_burningeyes.jpg

Niece my Moon: th_LaughingAmy.jpg

Melded Nephews: th_Melded.jpg

Well hope everyone keeps up those awesome pictures, I enjoy viewing them as much as participating in creating some myself. Thank you all for your hard work :D

Edit: Hope to hear some criticism and comments on what I can do to improve my work :) More then welcome them.

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Long story (trying to make it) short. :)

my uncle's dog had puppies and well they stayed on our grandmother's house till ppl pick em up.

and well only about 5 of 7(8 but one white female puppy died right after being born :( ) and the puppies were sleeping/playing,Etc. and well my little brother saw the puppy was asleep and it looked very cute and all and he took a pic from my dad's cellphone(good quality actually :D ) and he showed it to me and i seriously wanted to edit that photo!, when i finished i resized it to psp's pic size and used it as a wallpaper for a custom firmware theme and it fit perfectly! the end. =D


just did the background and followed a tut to make the split bamboo pic in it, looks awesome on my pc(ill give full sized pic l8ter :roll: )

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Thats a really good photo of the dog. Looks cool as a wallpaper too. :)

Nice work on the split bamboo pic too. :)


Got bored so i did this.


Its a 5 min job and a pretty neat result for that time.

that's really quite effective. I'm not much into photo manipulation so would mind explaining the process of doing this.

ciao OMA

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i got bored so i decided to fight my evil twin. Needless to say i won hahaha!


yes i know the one on the right isn't cut out well but i did this in like 5 mins lol.

i had to go to his dimension that is why the camera only caught transparent images of our fight.


"Clearly it's a very serious and literal meaning. If you're not solving physics equations then get off my lawn!-Rick Brewster Paint.net Lead Developer"

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that's really quite effective. I'm not much into photo manipulation so would mind explaining the process of doing this.

ciao OMA

Thanks oma. :)

Its quite simple.

Duplicate the image 4 times. Run edge detect on one duplicate at 0.00. Run edge detect on another at 90.00. Run it again on another at 180.00. Run it again on the last duplicate at -90.00. Set the blend mode of the top 3 duplicates to screen and merge together to create a multicoloured light trace effect. De-saturate the light trace. Run curves+ to create a more refined light trace. To make it glow i just ran glow and added colour. :)

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Merry Christmas


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You should try to Clone stamp the neck so it looks regular, and fix the waist line - maybe add some variations to a specific side as opposed to the other - this could end up looking awesome.

EDIT: Very nice :)

"pyrochild, you're my favorite person ever. We should go snowboarding some time."~ 007 Nab. Ish.

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Not exactly a photo, but I made this for my bro... Who doesn't want it... :cry: But anyway, it's kinda like a 'super pencil sketch,' as I call it, of something from halo. The one that looks lighter is the mod, the more colorful one is the orig.


Edit: this one is actually from a picture... it's of Eva Longoria... It almost looks like the ink sketch but still more pencil-y. It's kinda obvious which is real :|



Previously dgirl555, but now you can call me epic

Oh, and I really like airbrushing photos

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