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  1. I like the style of your work, Possum, I can see exactly how you make certain objects and it starts me thinking on how I can use the same techniques in my own art.
  2. csm, if there's any advice you could use, it is this. Texture. Texture. Texture. (Frontcannon addressed all the problems with the perspective) I'm eager to see how this turns out though.
  3. As soon as I start having more than half an hour of free time a day again, I'll get to work on that.
  4. Jerry, look at the date of this thread. Also, anyone who reads this, you can soften the eraser by lowering the opacity of your primary color.
  5. That smoke is awesome chris84, are we going to be getting a tutorial soon?
  6. I just threw a bunch of things together after finishing the notes. I don't think I'm going to put this entry in my gallery. Anyone else run into this problem after getting the main part done?
  7. My best friend of 9 years, (Not 'bff' or any of that nonsense, I mean the two kids you rarely see without the other who everyone thinks are obviously going to be room-mates at college) moved to South Carolina today. This is just two years after the third and fourth guys (brothers) who used to rarely be seen without us two moved to Virginia Beach. See ya later, kid.
  8. It's a perfectly legitimate rule...? :? Surely you can think of something music related other than cropping a band's picture and throwing in a few effects?
  9. The Artist in the Ambulance - Thrice The Minstrel's Prayer - Cartel Summer Shudder - AFI I've got those three playing looped on grooveshark.com.
  10. The simplicity is great, the aliasing on the shaft could use some touching up, but the sig is awesome nonetheless, especially when taken in with the quote. 7.5/10 (Fix that aliasing for an 8.5) :wink: *Or is that not aliasing? It's really hard to tell, but either way, it looks pretty odd. I've tried to make arrows before, but I could never get the fletchings right, how'd you do it?
  11. For those of you with very slow internet connections, open at your own risk. Hidden Content: Loading screen animation I created using Paint.NET. DeviantArt link:
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