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cool sig, arceus. i think you should open renders and add them. i like the tile texture. cool sig. :)

Eeh, really? I thought that it was really random XD

The tile one was actually discovered when I was meddling around with the various effects. XP I guess I should go and meddle some more until I find a suitable way to make a background.

Erm... How could I "open renders and add them?" XP

Thanks in advance ^^

Nobody is perfect.

I am nobody XD

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I'm wondering if this is appropriate to ask here....I've a feeling that if I post a thread elsewhere it will be locked rather quickly....

but I need an idea for a sig to go with the new avatar.....

How about something with a car on a checkerboard floor ?? Did you have any ideas in your mind right now ?

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@Briamoth: First of all, I would use a different border. This one doesn't fit very well.

The effects are all right, but I don't think they fit with the render.

I don't like the background too much. It looks like clouds. Your current signature is much better, in my opinion.

@sokagirl: Very nice sig! I like the fractal-like effects. I suggest blending the render a bit better.

It's too dark compared to the rest of the sig. The text also needs some work.

I made this today. I have no idea what to call it. Any suggestions?


Also, comments would be nice.

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