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  1. I love the effects but the background doesn't really fit in my opinion. Also, the text is too far away from the focal.
  2. I like your latest (as well as all the other ones ) but I think the fractal may be a bit too opaque, or the colour too strong. I think I like "Freedom" and "Desire" best, but all your work is fantastic.
  3. I guess I left the forum but now I may be coming back (not that I posted that much in the first place). Hello everyone.
  4. The MW2 map packs will be released on the Xbox 360 first, then on the PS3 a few months later. I just saw this hilarious trailer from Sony. Anyone think the PS Move will be successful?
  5. I agree. It's not funny and it just drags on and on... The maps don't look that good either. And if I wanted to play CoD4 maps I would just play CoD4, as it's better than MW2 in every way but graphically.
  6. My mistake. I still think they should release it as DLC.
  7. Hey, T6 is not that bad. If you play normal ghost battles instead of scenario campaign it's quite fun. I already have SFIV and I'm not buying a full priced game for 10 new characters.
  8. Last Friday during English class my teacher misspelled "wave". She spelled it "waive. She frequently makes spelling mistakes but I thought this one was especially bad. It's nice to know that someone so competent is handling my English education.
  9. It reminds me of the "Mike Ryan" sig tutorial. [link] [link]
  10. How is it like? (Please say it sucks so I won't feel bad) Yeah, DarkShock probably spent 50+ hours playing a game he doesn't like.
  11. @Chrisco97: The render doesn't really match the background and there aren't a whole lot of effects. It looks like all you did was paste a render on a background and add a glow at the bottom. Try some other techniques like C4Ds and brushing to make the sig a little more complex. I do like the border you made. I think it fits the signature pretty well. Made a vertical signature today. Is it any good?
  12. Great idea! I bet we'll have a lot of cool entries (as always ).
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