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wowee...many new cool sigs here! :lol::mrgreen:

Interactivebuddy: cool sig. i think the background is too plain and those white circles are too bright and are quite annoying.

Bjarni: Cool sig. A bit basic tho. did you use dents? because you overused them! it looks a bit strange...I like the text tho

Nastyweather: cool sig! quite creative. if you wanted me to rate it then, 8/10

anyone like my current?


sigs n stuff

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Generally you get more comments and critique if you also comment on others' work.

Pipp: I think it would look better if you blurred the foreground C4D a bit. Overall a really cool sig though.

Interactive: The twirl thing in the background looks nice, but the text doesn't really fit.

Bjarni: Your text also doesn't fit. The bg looks kind of cool, I would be interested in seeing what it looked like before dents(?).

Burningrock: The vertical lines kind of kill the sig.

Aislin: It seems really small, kind of hard to see the effects.

Boltbait: I like the text from the bigger one better, and I like the rest of the smaller one better.


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Thought I would talk about my new signature. Up until this week, I hadn't seriously messed around with Paint.net (or been active on the forum) in about eight months. My interest went to programming, which can be very exciting at times, but now I remember how much fun gfx are.


Only two colors were [technically] used! Some hue of blue, and white. (The arrows, lines, and small text are white, the layers' opacity were lowered to various levels)

I used the following effect/plugins:

~grid - for the grid...

~clouds - for the blueprint ink faded on paper look

~add noise - for further add to the paper texture

~outline - for outlining the text (where it say toe_head2001), then deleting the text

Hidden Content:
The old Signature. As you can tell, I like to keep my signatures simple, with out all the swirling, explosion of colors that many other people like to use so much.


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Oh, and I also made this Tango styled icon for Audacity today. (I guess it goes in this section, says logos...) The proportions are not the same as the offical icon, becuase I did'nt take into account the added width from the outlines. I'll probably redo it correctly to proper proportions.


Offical icon for comparison:


Plugins used:

Outline - for the outlines...

Sine Waves - for the red sound wave

really nice signature because it is very original and is 100% pdn. Cant think of anyway to improve it whatsoever except make a tut :wink:

If a few people request a tutorial, I'll do one. Other wise I really don't want to be bothered with it.

I decided to make a nice holiday banner. Any little things that might need to be touched up?


Um, I really don't see anything that has to with holidays or Christmas. Is that snow?


I like this.

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Uhhh... Hi. =P

So, I was designing a banner (a.k.a sig) and.. Well, I thought I should just post it here >.<


I honestly have no idea how to make a good background, so this is the best I could come up with =\

C&C, whatever that means. ^_^;

How's it?

Nobody is perfect.

I am nobody XD

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