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  1. New signature added and some other stuff.
  2. The colors are too bright, almost no effects etc. But don't forget it's just a opinion from me, others may like your signatures!
  3. [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[-Welcome to my Gallery!-]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] I'm making mostly signatures but sometimes I do like to make some abstract work too. For now I only have signatures but soon more will follow! Please only constructive comments. Signatures : Hidden Content: Other Stuff : Hidden Content: Space : Hidden Content: Thank you for visiting my gallery!
  4. I really like that planet image. Nice work!
  5. I like your abstract work, but your signatures looks a little bit cheap to me (no offence) except the 4th I like that one to. Just keep practicing, follow some tutorials and I would love to see more of your abstracht work!
  6. I made this signatures today, I like them myself what do you guys think of it? &
  7. Oke, thanks everyone I will try to make something, if I need your guys help I will sent a PM.
  8. I mean a landscape that is 100% maked in Paint.NET, no scanning etc.
  9. Is it possible to make a landscape in Paint.NET? If so, can someone give me a link to a tutorial? Thank you.
  10. What do you guys think about this kind of Inlog screen?
  11. I really like your signatures. :wink: Keep up the nice work!
  12. Thank you both for the positive critiques EDIT : Something like this?
  13. What do you think of this? If you don't like it please, say what you don't like. Thank you.
  14. Hey, I'm new on making signatures etc. So this is one of mine first creations. And I would like to get some feedback on it. Thanks
  15. Hey, I'm new here and I just maked a signature and I would like to get some feedback what I could do better. Thanks
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