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  1. Eeh, really? I thought that it was really random XD The tile one was actually discovered when I was meddling around with the various effects. XP I guess I should go and meddle some more until I find a suitable way to make a background. Erm... How could I "open renders and add them?" XP Thanks in advance ^^
  2. Uhhh... Hi. =P So, I was designing a banner (a.k.a sig) and.. Well, I thought I should just post it here >.< I honestly have no idea how to make a good background, so this is the best I could come up with =\ C&C, whatever that means. ^_^; How's it?
  3. Oh, okay. The pictures does become smaller. Thanks anyway ^_^
  4. So I was playing with PDN the other day and found the pixelate tools. I'm wondering is there a way to un-pixelate a pixelated pic? Or is it impossible? Just curious. Thanks.
  5. So, yeah, I'm still learning to use PDN, I'd like to know how to make a blurred image. Let's see.. Something like.. this. Like the pictures behind the words. You can still see the image, but it's.. kinda blurred. Thanks in advance ^_^ EDIT: Oh a small question. What is a... nub? I've seen several tutorials which say "Remember to take advantage of the nubs when.... "
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