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There are only 4 rules for this forum:

I'm sure you can figure out which rule you're breaking.

OK, your initial post made it seem as if you were angry that I labeled a shape pack a shape pack.  I thought of a file being packed into a zip file as packed in. Since this is a forum, where people come and go and cannot always spend lengthy amount of time here, at least not everyone, I realize some communication issues can arise.  Did you want me to discontinue naming my shapes as a "pack"? I am sorry for the anger and frustration doing so has caused you. That was not my intention.


I read the rules, all 4 of them, and there was nothing about the preference of how to name shape packs and if it only has one or two shapes to not call it a pack.


Now you are selectively singling me out for a rule violation? I read all 4 of them:



1) This forum is for users of to share their custom shapes.*****This is what I was doing but if I was not doing such in the manner you wanted, please be specific? I don't automatically assume anything. I'm also trying very hard to comply with why I am causing you so much discontentment.

2) Please limit yourself to 1 thread per person.*****Normally I would have thought that this may be your newest/second/separate reason to selectively use rule violations against me but then I saw how other people have multiple threads of various shapes they share so then I thought, well, that can't be the latest reason for causing you to have such animosity towards me when it is beyond clear and obvious that other forum users have created more than 1 thread per person. Since that was evident with other users before I even posted a shape compilation, not reading anything about it from you to the others prior to me making and adding various compilations of shapes, I then understood it as perhaps people were to only have one thread per their shape compilations of the same shapes meaning if they are adding more shapes regarding a particular shape compilation zip file just keep adding to the same shape zip file in the same thread but if it is a collection of different zip compilations then it will be far more clear and easier for those who use Paint.Net to easily find different labeled various shape compilations within a zip file and in a more organized and quicker fashion simply by easily seeing the names of shapes via each thread title, like with tutorials and plugins.


Is this the rule you wish to violate me for? Using more than one thread to upload different categories shape images? Again, if so, since I am not the only one who has done that, while I have seen others who have more than one thread per person, any reasonable person would also find it understandable about the confusion of that particular rule. However, if that is the rule you are referring to, as I honestly don't know, I'm sorry.

3) Custom shapes are typically distributed as .xaml files inside of a .zip file. You may upload zip files to this forum or you may post the contents of an .xaml file in a thread (be sure to use [code] tags).*********I'm not fully sure what this means. Is it pasting the xaml file code onto the post?

4) This is not the place to request shapes. We are not here to do your work for you. However, if you've started a shape and are having trouble with it, I'm sure someone here would be happy to help.******As far as I know I have not requested people to make shapes for me, but I have asked you for help about a question I did have about ShapeMaker when you sent me to a link for programmers to decipher xml language, which I tried my best to do but am not advanced in programming or a lot of techie things. I'm just someone who uses Paint.Net for creative sentimental various things.


If you don't like my shapes it's not a problem for you to just single me out and tell me so. That won't hurt my feelings. This is your forum and your shape thread to run as you wish. So, no hard feelings, my friend.


If you simply hate my presence or if I somehow am a presence that you no longer want at the forum. It's ok just to simply state that. I won't have any ill will. I'll go, my friend. All I was hoping to do was to help contribute the the growth of the Paint.Net community in a good hearted, enthusiastic way, with ShapeMaker.


When I ask you to help me understand things you get upset at me doing and you don't help me understand what I'm doing while remaining vague or assuming I should know everything about this forum and programming I would have to ask you to please try to be more understanding and patient for those of us who do not have an indepth understanding of technical things or lingos.


I'm sorry that I have somehow brought out a lot of discontent from you towards me when I have barely interacted with you, but, clearly I have and this is your forum. There are no hard feelings, my friend. Thank you for all of the very cool plugins and many cool things you have offered for Paint.Net. I know you will continue to be a treasured asset for Paint.Net's growth with your programming knowledge. God bless you and take care.


If you don't want my shapes on your thread you can delete them but I'm going to leave them up in case others may enjoy the use of them, if that's ok. I'll leave that up to you to decide. All my best to you.

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Can you combine some of your shapes into real packs?

Calling this a shape "pack" with only one shape in it is a bit of a stretch.

Please review the pinned rules thread in this forum.



Rule #2 is what BoltBait is referring to. This section is becoming flodded with small shape 'pack' threads. We would much prefer that you posted a single Shapes pack.


You can release new Shapes by posting in the one thread - this is exactly the same way that the Gallery section works. When you add new Shapes you just need to update the zipped pack.


BTW there is no animosity here. You're simply being asked to comply first because you're the most prolific Shape publisher. If you want help combining the separate thread into a single one please let me know via PM (Private Message).



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