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Lydia - 2018 - Vegvisir, Halloween, Christmas, Fantasy Maps, Great Outdoors, COMIC BOOK, 60s-70s, Hamsa, & More


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Can you combine some of your shapes into real packs?

Calling this a shape "pack" with only one shape in it is a bit of a stretch.

Please review the pinned rules thread in this forum.



Rule #2 is what BoltBait is referring to. This section is becoming flodded with small shape 'pack' threads. We would much prefer that you posted a single Shapes pack.


You can release new Shapes by posting in the one thread - this is exactly the same way that the Gallery section works. When you add new Shapes you just need to update the zipped pack.


BTW there is no animosity here. You're simply being asked to comply first because you're the most prolific Shape publisher. If you want help combining the separate thread into a single one please let me know via PM (Private Message).



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Holy cow, Lydia! What a great looking shapes pack!     5254.gif


I'll need some time to try this out...haha!

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