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Clipwarp - 14th Dec 2013

Red ochre

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I'm liking the new UI.  :star:


PS I'm keeping both ;)

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Cheers Drew,

Good to see you back on the forums.

 I hope the tour went well and all the best for Christmas!

Thanks mate. A mad journey indeed, more to come (Jan - March) Until then it is time to play with all the new plug-ins ;)

All the very best to you and yours too Red.  :beer:



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'New clipwarp' is included in my V9 pack (the old version is still available though).
This version has smoothing based on averaging the vales of a rectangle of pixels depending on the displacement. So, at full strength it is doing a lot of calculations and is therefore quite slow. Best to get the other adjustments done before increasing the smoothing. ;)

Midora and nitenurse, many thanks for saying 'Thanks'. :)


Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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Hi Maximilian - thanks for posting the excellent image!

IMHO imagination and fun are the most important thing in all forms of art
 - if you enjoy what you are doing, your technique and skill improves naturally! - and you've picked things up very quickly, great to see! ;)
I had hoped that the theme of monsters in the sig comp would fire people's imagination - it did for the four entries. B)
Sadly it seems to have turned others in the discussion thread into monsters too!   :( (not the intention)

Clipwarp works well with things made in Sculptris - I used it to make the glass dragony-thing in the room ... here
Ages since I've used Sculptris but I seem to remember creating a pure blue background .jpeg and using that in sculptris, which made extracting the B/W shaded image much easier.
I created a jpeg (at the size of your comp screen) - all blue, (any saturated colour should work) and saved. Then open Sculptris/options/background and open that file, then use default grey as the modelling material - but experiment!

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Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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Thank you, Red! hi.gif


I noticed the bitter exchanges and gave my opinion because I feel that someone might distrust my entry as well. In all truth, all I did on Sculptris was the base models which only give you a framework to work on, and everything else is pure PdN. I think it's all a matter of creativity and how far you take it. Perhaps some people feel that some things are impossible to be done on PdN, but many times I've seen it's possible to come up with results that may surprise even the doer. I believe PdN's power is unmeasurable.


I have to try something glassy myself —your glass dragon looks too pleasing to the eye! JC_cheers.gif


And thanks for the Sculptris background tip! I'll try it immediately! yes2.gif I hadn't thought of changing the default background... sometimes you need someone to tell you how to proceed JC_faint.gifignat_01.gif

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Here's a little something to prove that New Clipwarp is also super cool at providing skin for alien thugs, or so I feel it :)


@Maximilian! Very beautiful work. Fancy monster image. Thank you. n6dczfc3.gif

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.




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