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  1. You may have a look to the Print It plugin.
  2. I'm using a screen scaling of 250% on a highdpi screen 280dpi (windows 8.1) and a lot of labels are shifted a certain amount in Resize and Canvas Size
  3. Good luck, but I doubt. I'm in fear that the opposite will be the case. There will be just more bureaucracy for the companies if they like to trade inside GB and with the EU. And GB will no longer be able to influence the rules. You should understand that installing common rules for cooperation and trade reduced bureaucracy and costs in the EU (even if some of them may look strange for individuals). More different economies means more different rules and more bureaucracy. Plus the costs for the new institutions and bureaucracy needed to coordinate with the EU will be enormous.
  4. What a sad day for people of Great Britain and their friends in Europe. Especially for the young ones. A lost generation.
  5. JFI: My display scaling is 250% and as wouter said the dialog is not usable. You should know that Paint.NET tells the OS that the application is high dpi aware. So there is no auto-scaling active. A lot of plugins which are not property-based do not support display scaling.
  6. IMHO: Paint.NET 4 got a total rewrite of the rendering system. It may not work optimal on some older pcs. So if the renderer is not able to prepare all tiles of the window area until the next update happens, but just after, then it may flash because the checkerboard is always the background to render the layers against.
  7. I guess people just forgot about this feature. Still to have some videos for different features like timing is a good idea. Thanks TR.
  8. No idea why I'm adding readmes to my plugins ;-) It should not be necessary to set the timing in the dialog to zero. This value is just used up to the first time command in a layer name.
  9. Using LookAtIt.Effect you can scroll through files and folders using the keyboard. There is even a menu entry to rename, touch and delete the active file (but it's not functioning up to now :-(
  10. Perfect match ;-) Local units are quite often used to protect markets. In Switzerland the size of kitchen furniture was different from the rest of Europe. Meant everything was quite expensive and the selection was poor. I'm pretty sure that we didn't loose our culture by changing this. And why do we have to measure the altitude of a plane in feet? Or use horsepower for cars? Or inch fro screens? All this means nothing to me ;-)
  11. I guess there is just no strong need to change it. In former Europe where each country used its own units there was the need to make trading easier (plus there was Napoleon who forced us). At the end it is more about what you are accustomed to use. Meter feels much more natural for me than anything else.
  12. It's so funny that you US guys still use inch, feet, and miles ;-) Will this ever change? Thanks for the plugin.
  13. Quite cool gadget. Hope I will have some time in summer to play with it.
  14. In OptionBased you may easily derive your own OptionControl and use it like the built-in ones to setup the dialog.
  15. You even figured out how units are working in NumericUpDowns of OptionBasedEffects!
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