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  1. JFI: My display scaling is 250% and as wouter said the dialog is not usable. You should know that Paint.NET tells the OS that the application is high dpi aware. So there is no auto-scaling active. A lot of plugins which are not property-based do not support display scaling.
  2. I guess people just forgot about this feature. Still to have some videos for different features like timing is a good idea. Thanks TR.
  3. No idea why I'm adding readmes to my plugins ;-) It should not be necessary to set the timing in the dialog to zero. This value is just used up to the first time command in a layer name.
  4. Using LookAtIt.Effect you can scroll through files and folders using the keyboard. There is even a menu entry to rename, touch and delete the active file (but it's not functioning up to now :-(
  5. It's so funny that you US guys still use inch, feet, and miles ;-) Will this ever change? Thanks for the plugin.
  6. Quite cool gadget. Hope I will have some time in summer to play with it.
  7. You even figured out how units are working in NumericUpDowns of OptionBasedEffects!
  8. OK, thanks. I'm fighting a bit on my highdpi screen. Expecially I can't read the result size value just the KiB at the end. The rest is overridden by "Optimized ima". For sure at the end a RIOT issue but I thought that the previous test builds of the package didn't show this issue. Maybe it depends on what the process inherits from Paint.NET.
  9. shows an alert: No registered JIT debugger was specified. But it works after clicking on Cancel.
  10. It works from the commandline. Just to say. Even my TEMP path contains spaces.
  11. I'm getting with the alert WIC was unable to load the exported layer.
  12. I'm getting the same dialog in the console. And later the exception: Unhandled Exception: System.ArgumentException: Parameter is not valid. at System.Drawing.Bitmap..ctor(String filename) at RIOTProxy.Program.CreateDIBFromBitmap(String fileName, IntPtr& dibHandle, Int64& dibSize, Boolean& useVirtualFree) at RIOTProxy.Program.Main(String[] args) I did some test and the RIOT dialog opens in some paths. The problem maybe that some of my paths and filenames contain spaces. So I expect RIOT just gets part of the filename and fails.
  13. shows for a short while a dialog Shim application to allow RIOT to be used by 64bit Pai has stopped working Windows is checking for a solution to the problem and then just goes away. Paint.NET stays alive.
  14. shows the alert: FreeImage was unable to load the exported layer. After OK, I get the same behaviour as before.
  15. Thanks for the quick effort on the request from a user ;-) I'm not getting it to run with 4.0.9 and Windows 8.1. The four files are in the Effects folder. Clicking the menu entry in the Tools menu just shows for a second the typical effects progressbar but a riot dialog does not open.
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