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Night Vision Text Effect


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I am hoping someone will be able to help me with this. I followed this tutorial and was able to replicate the result fairly well (very well written tut :D ). I did notice however that my final result has a lot more extra "noise"? I guess around the outside, the green dots. Now I started to try to emulate the animation as per the original post (which looks very cool), however I ran into a few problems. The first one being - the tut I was following for animation mentioned to duplicate the text layer 12 times (obviously for the separate frames) however when I do this it becomes a big green blobby mess. The other problem being - does anyone know how I could get the same sort of distorted "interference" type look as the OP?


TLDR: I would like a simple animation tut to help replicate the OP animation, I would also like a point in the right direction of how the OP achieves the "interference" effect in his animation.


Thanks for any help guys!



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Distorted interference - try this plugin set PolyGlitch

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26 minutes ago, Sakana Oji said:

Not sure if this is better than the original or not, but there may need to be a tutorial on it... ; )

Better is so subjective.
Better for what purpose?
My purpose was to uncover the process and a creatively utilize it.
My tutorial was the deconstruction of the original GIF.

When I taught art, my goal was to teach a process, provide advice to learners on how to apply the process,

and the synthesis came when the learner effectively could use the process for their own creative ends.

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To deconstruct a GIF animation:
Make sure that Simon Brown's AnimGIF.dll is the in File type folder of Paint.NET

Rename the .GIF extension to .AGIF
Open the *.agif file in Paint.NET and it will open each GIF frame as a layer.

To create a GIF animation:

Here  are the basics from midoras

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5 hours ago, Sakana Oji said:

So do I keep the green and black colors for the Halftone effect or is that just for Seismograph?


I think you should pay attention to the order of layers merging.


On 6/1/2010 at 11:16 PM, Frontcannon said:

Now merge the layers. First, merge down the layers Glow copy, Glow and Background, then Seismograph and Background. Finally, merge down the WhiteText copy, WhiteText, and Background layers.

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