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  1. Thanks for the reply, managed to make this with it. Not too bad I think, but nowhere near as good as the OP lol.
  2. I am hoping someone will be able to help me with this. I followed this tutorial and was able to replicate the result fairly well (very well written tut ). I did notice however that my final result has a lot more extra "noise"? I guess around the outside, the green dots. Now I started to try to emulate the animation as per the original post (which looks very cool), however I ran into a few problems. The first one being - the tut I was following for animation mentioned to duplicate the text layer 12 times (obviously for the separate frames) however when I do this it becomes a big green blobby m
  3. Hey pdnnoob, Thanks for the reply. That is more the look i'm after, will play around with it and see what i can come up with
  4. Heres another effort. I'm still not sure how to post better images though.
  5. Hhhmmmm thanks for the reply. I created this from it but not really the look I was after. Will keep looking i guess
  6. Hey guys, I'm very new to paint, been completing a few of the tutorials (mainly text so far) and i've been searching for a way to do an icy/cold/frosty type of text look (and background maybe). Haven't had any luck with any of the searches so far (althoug there is a thousand different ways to do fire text haha). Anyone know of any tutorials?
  7. Hi barbieq, Thank you so much for explaining it a little more to the simple folks like meself. I managed to finish your tutorial (although the result didn't end up quite like yours). I'll try different images, and text etc next time (small steps at first haha).
  8. Hello, I joined the forums specifically to reply to this tutorial as I think some of the outcomes are just outstanding! I am however having troubles following some of the tutorial, specifically around Step 24 where you start mentioning the layers by other names? Would it be possible (pretty please) to include names on the layers when you create them and then refer to the names in the later steps? I will mention that I am fairly nooby and have just been completing some of the more basic tutorials on here. Thank you.
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