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  1. Thanks... i have a tut up on them
  2. I had the same problem when I saw someone spamming "Over the counter" anti depressents in one of the forums... it kept coming up with an error message.
  3. I am downloading this for two reasons. It looks damn epic Myself and my friends fell in love with the word squirkle a few years back and we believe it is a word that should be used more often. So I am willing to support in any way that amazing word and all things related Decided to play with it a little... and got this (I did use bevel selection to make it come out better... might make it my sig xD)
  4. I love all the art nouveau/deco stuff you do. That was an amazing style period.
  5. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it When trolling through images on Google, I'm sure everyone has seen pictures with a faint, but still relatively annoying white image over the image you want. People do this for a lot of reasons. To protect their work from copyright infringements, so people will ask for the work instead of just using it. And in most instances, they are selling their work and don't want it pirated. Now I dont know how useful this tutorial will be to many of you. But I find it never hurts to have a watermark handy i
  6. You manage after weeks and weeks of hard work to draw the car. That night you go to bed and leave your computer on, with the car image still on screen. You wake up to find that the car has somehow come out of the screen and driven off into the night. I wish that I could find a way to make awesome sigs
  7. Can someone lock/delete this? I've figured it out xD
  8. Is there a way to make transparency on custom brushes? I had an idea to make custom brush sets similar to those used in photoshop. I know in Photoshop, Custom Brushes are done with opacity maps With white being transparent and black being full color and all the greys in between being different levels of transparent. I've tried doing that with custom brushes mini and I've also tried making the images transparent, but I just cant seem to make it work. I can get either completely solid and completely transparent. But nothing in between...
  9. UPDATE Added new section and pic... Enjoy
  10. Well I must say yours looks a hell of a lot better than mine, and fixes my shading problem. I didnt even think of using a radial gradient-facepalm. Which steps did you do it on so I can update the tut. I'll credit you with the idea of course xD
  11. I'm sure with some tweaking and some patience that you could make it a realistic eye. With eyes realism is all in the shine I think. I'm working on a way to make a more realistic shine to the eye so when I do I'll add it to the tut...
  12. hmmm idk then... maybe pm one of the admins... they might know whats going on. I remember having a bit of trouble with pdn when I ran on Vista. I think it is just one of the fails of Vista.
  13. I'm not too sure how the store on SL works, but you could even make some up and sell them. Thats my plan for IMVU haha...
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