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Buzzkill: 1

CSM: 0

There are positives and negatives to both. CSM's is kind of plain, with only the glass, but it's very realistic.

Buzzkill's has more to it, but I don't really like how the moon fades out and the clouds next to the moon.

My vote goes to Buzzkill.

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Well, as himself said, there are positives and negatives to both...csm's is pretty plain, but I love the glass effect. It is really realistic. But I do not like how the text is taller than the letters...however, it is orange, probably my favourite color.

Buzzkill, he has some nice effects going on in his signature. I honestly love how the screenshot is used. I also love the moon. The clouds are nice too, I do not however like the stars. If he would have colored them, it would be a lot better.

Buzzkill - 2

csm725 - 0

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I have never liked all text signatures unless they put together in a good way(E.G. like a logo with a motto). Maybe put a background or something. So my votes goes to...BUZZKILL!

Buzzkill - 3

csm725 - 0

#winner Buzzkill

I will enter this I guess:


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Erm... how can you have a probable favorite color?


None of these show off a lot of skill.

I think that, for some one who is new, Disco's sig shows an amazing amount of technique.

Chrisco's is also very nice, but Disco gets my vote.

Disco 1

Chrisco 0

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Both, to me interesting signatures. Chrisco's is action-packed, and disco's is pretty unique. Also for someone new it is great.

here is some detailed critic:

Chrisco's Sig:

Colours - 8/10 | The colors go great with the render, and are also very nice for my taste.

Blending - 9/10 | You blended it very well, I have to say it is almost perfect, could use a bit more work.

Render - 9/10 | Goes great with the background, and is a great focal point for the signature.

Background - 9/10 | Wouldn't be to great without the render and the blending.

I would give chrisco's sig a 9/10.

Disco's sig:

Colours: 5/10 - Hey, they are not bad, but I do not like them overall.

Blending: 0/0 - No blending really.

Render: 8/10 - I will classify this as the c4d. It is pretty nice, I saw the orig. in your gallery. Nice work changing it's colors.

Background: 8/10 - Probably the best part of the sig. I like it, but I am not fond of the grid used in it.

I would give disco's sig a 7/10.

Therefore chrisco gets my vote.

Chrisco - 1

Disco - 1


Thanks to chrisco97 for the Cloud Sig Tutorial that helped me make my sig!

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I like the colors in disco's better, but the c4d's arent blended in really at all. Chrisco's looks a bit chaotic, but is blended better and looks the best overall.

Chrisco - 3

Disco - 1

I will enter with


Edited by Sharp
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Congrats Sharp, haven't seen you post for a while

I'll enter with my current:



100% Paint.net

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Sorry Himself it looks to blurry, but very nice all the same...

MMS nice work, i like halo and halo sig designs, the blending looks cool and i like the colors....



Well done MMS........

Go on then i challange with this one......


A Pink Grundgey type thingy lol..................100% PdN Except the flowers link to the site here


] <--- Still new to this so soz for mistakes lol
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