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  1. Chrisco: 3 Heat Stroke: 2 I agree with Mountman. And miscellaneous for that matter. #winner Chrisco97
  2. birdhouse

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    I have to agree with chrisco here! ^_^
  3. interseing battle. crhisco: 1 sharp: 0 chrisco's looks like more work was put into it. i also like the grunginess and text. sharp...is good and simplistic. Id on't know, chrisco' sis more appealing to me
  4. Chrisco: 2 csm725: 1 Chrisco, love the grungeiness on the left. csm, looks childish...
  5. my vote goes to chrisco for awesome c4d usagfe. chrisco - 3 csm725 - 1 ai7 - 0 mayor - 0
  6. Siddek, not to good. I definately think the tex cills it. Crisco, love it. Especially the grungy font near the top. crisco: 2 siddek: 0
  7. Both, to me interesting signatures. Chrisco's is action-packed, and disco's is pretty unique. Also for someone new it is great. here is some detailed critic: Chrisco's Sig: Colours - 8/10 | The colors go great with the render, and are also very nice for my taste. Blending - 9/10 | You blended it very well, I have to say it is almost perfect, could use a bit more work. Render - 9/10 | Goes great with the background, and is a great focal point for the signature. Background - 9/10 | Wouldn't be to great without the render and the blending. I would give chrisco's sig a 9/10. Disco's sig: Colours: 5/10 - Hey, they are not bad, but I do not like them overall. Blending: 0/0 - No blending really. Render: 8/10 - I will classify this as the c4d. It is pretty nice, I saw the orig. in your gallery. Nice work changing it's colors. Background: 8/10 - Probably the best part of the sig. I like it, but I am not fond of the grid used in it. I would give disco's sig a 7/10. Therefore chrisco gets my vote. Chrisco - 1 Disco - 1
  8. I love sonic, he rocks, and so does the sig! Weylin, the saturn looks stretched. Weylin: 2 Chrisco: 1
  9. chrisco: 3 csm725: 0 I have to go with chrisco's here, because I thik it has great flow, and depth. Csm, still nice, but seems a bit boring. You can do better. #winner chrisco97
  10. Chrisco: 2 CSM: 2 ----- Chrisco, I jkust like that sig. I do not know why though...
  11. chrisco: 3 weylin: 1 Chrisco, I say what the other two said. Weylin, nice, but I like chrisco's better. #winner chrisco97
  12. yy10: 3 csm: 1 yy10, it is really cool. Nice effects. CSM, I like it, but it is just text with noise. _______________________________________________________________________________ #winner yy10
  13. Csm: 3 IAO: 0 CSM, I love it very much! IAO, way to green. #winner csm725
  14. L3ron: 1 Chrisco97: 1 You made a nice effecte on your tex. lron, your avi is 100% better than that sig.
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